Sweet Obsession on West 16th Ave, Vancouver

Polly and I missed our cake meet as both of us have a busy schedule. Finally, we get to have a break this Tuesday to go to Sweet Obsession at 2611 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver. Sweet Obsession is located in a small street mall in a residential area.


There is hardly any signage except one small one in front of the shop.


Sweet Obsession has a selection of exquisite cakes and pastries. You will be amazed at the selection available there; ranging from cheese cake, chocolate cake, mousse cake, tiramisu, torte, tart, flan, etc. They cater for all occasions from small dinner parties to weddings and formal affairs.


Sweet Obsession also serves sandwiches, pastries, cookies and dessert bars.


We decided to order our favourite cheesecake. We ordered two slices of cheesecake to share. The first one is a Chai Latte flavour cheesecake. The Chai flavour is very strong and overpowering somehow.


We preferred the Lemon flavour cheesecake instead. The tanginess just goes well with the creaminess of the cheesecake.


The cheesecake cost slightly over $5 per slice. We also ordered a Mocha and a Cappuccino to go with the cheesecakes. The drinks cost between $2.50 and $2.70.


The total bill came up close to $20 including tips. This is the only cake place that we’ve seen with mothers coming in for a take out with their baby prams. Sweet Obsession has very good traffic with a lot of clients coming in for take-out. The traffic tells us that this is a great place for cake.

Click on the link below to see more cakes.

Polly & I met up with Angie, a new immigrant to Canada at Sweet Obsession in January 2008. It was a lovely bright sunny, chilly winter day. Vancouverites just love the sun after a week of gloomy cloudy and rainy days. The snowy mountain view was awesome that day.

Here are the cakes we tried.

IMG_3162 (1)

Mango Cheesecake.




Chocolate Marble Cheesecake.

There’s a new policy in Sweet Obsession during our visit this time. There is a sign posted on the tables inside the shop stating that during peak hours, customers are limit to 30 minutes at the table. This is not very good for customers like Polly and I who usually spend at least 2 hours over our cake meet and chat.

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    I think I’m going to have to bookmark this one for when I get a chance to go to Vancouver. That cheesecake looks decadent!

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