Korean California Roll

Minnie’s version of California Roll is decorated with black and red flying fish roe. They look gorgeous and delicious. The fish roe gives added textures to the roll, i.e. it gives a crisp when you bite into it. It also imparts a hint of saltiness from the ocean to the roll.




_MG_4947_edited-1Season the crab meat with some Japanese mayonnaise.
_MG_4950_edited-1Peel and slice the avocado into thin wedges.
_MG_4974_edited-1Place a thin layer of rice directly on the sushi mat.

Cut the seaweed into halves. Place a half sheet on the center of the rice, leaving the edges uncovered.

_MG_4975_edited-1Place the filing ingredients i.e. pickled radish, crab meat, avocado and egg strip on the seaweed.
_MG_4977_edited-1Roll the rice up just like the Korean Sushi.
_MG_4989_edited-1Repeat until all the rolls are completed. Cover the rolls with a damp towel or plastic sheet to prevent the rolls from drying out while your are working the other rolls.

Slice the roll with a wet and sharp knife. Garnish the rolls with flying fish rolls.

Serve with soy sauce.

Minnie made eight rolls, all in all (if I remembered correctly). She also made a salad (coming up next) and Miso soup to go with the sushi. We were all full and the cost of this meal was only $3. Minnie, a big thank you and a big applause for your good job.

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  1. Windy

    Thanks for showing them. I love sushi but never really know what sort of thing I could put in it.

    BTW, I’m not sure is it me or the computer, but the latest post on the front page was strawberry juice?!

  2. Suanne

    Hi Windy, as at today, there were six more posts since the strawberry juice post. Not sure what’s wrong with your computer.

  3. Chrystal

    Hi Windy,

    You might have saved it in your favourites while you had the strawberry post up. Try to save the site under your favourites on the mainpage. Otherwise you can try to delete your cookies.

    The California roles are looking yummy!!


  4. Windy

    Thanks Suanne and Chrystal. It seems fix again… maybe my computer was having a mood recently… 🙂

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