Memphis Blues Barbeque House on Commercial Drive

I organized a after work dinner on a Friday some time back, primarily as a treat to the contractor folks who had their contracts ended. It was also an excuse to just take the time off to relax after another hectic week at work.

I selected the Memphis Blues BBQ House which even though I had never been to this place, I had heard so much about it. It is simply heaven for meat lovers — forget about dieting or eating healthy — this place is about eating RIGHT! 🙂

The Memphis Blues BBQ House ( had a few locations. They have locations in Commercial Drive, Broadway, North Vancouver and Kelowna. We went to the one nearest the office … in Commercial Drive.


The Blue Memphis is described as specializing in authentic Southern BBQ. My image of southern BBQ is the presence of pork, not just beef. This restaurant had really limited seating. So, if you have a big party, you better arrive early. We went just after 5pm. The dinner crowd will come in before 6pm. Oh … big advice … they don’t take reservations at all.


If there are only two of you, you should try their $32 Memphis Feast.

For us, we had 14 people in all. So, we decided to order their largest offering on the menu. It’s called The Priscilla and is supposed to feed 10-12 people. It came in two large platters — trust me — they are so large that when placed on the table, the ends touches both end of the table.

If you have that many people, you MUST order The Priscilla. This is the ultimate, the works, everything you ever want. The first platter is the main platter … and it includes huge sausages, chicken, briskets, pull pork and the best of the lot, ribs!!

When they brought it out to our table and placed it in front of us, I can see the delight in everyone’s eyes, even the girls’! Almost everyone ooh’d and aah’d. Just visually looking at it brings so much delight. I am happy … I am a very happy man!


The second platter is the seafood and salad platter. Not as many oohs and aahs as the first one but still it drew quite a bit of wows. There are oysters, shrimp and, my favourite, the fried catfish — yummy! The rest of the stuff on this platter are corn bread, BBQ Pit Beans, Slaws, Potato Salad and Fries.

These are meant for 10-12 people but we had 14 people … and yet this is more than enough to make everyone happily fed.


The thing about Memphis Blues is not just the food but the very informal setting, people eating with their hands and it’s downright fun tucking in together with friends. Their beers are really great, we had jugs after jugs of them.

The way I calculate it is that it will cost about $17 bucks on the average, including drinks/beer, tips and taxes. Not bad right? I had a great time and so did everyone. It was a great way to cap off a long tedious week. Go grab a few friends and try this place out … I am sure you will like it.

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