Ganache Patisserie in Downtown Vancouver

Ganache Patisserie is a cake shop which specializes in chocolates, pastries and wedding cakes. It is located at 1262 Homer Street in downtown Vancouver.


There are street parkings all around and this place is easy to find. Ganache specializes mainly on wedding cakes but there are three small tables for people to sit in to enjoy the single serving cakes with coffee and tea.

There are quite a number of displays of multi-tiers cakes in the shop. They are simply pleasing to the eyes. One will also noticed the French influence as there are a number of the cakes with the Eiffel tower garnishing. Here are a few of them:




Besides cakes, Ganache also sells a variety of cookies which are displayed on a wall cabinet.


Polly and I were more interested in the single serving cakes behind the glass buffet.


After a while of consideration, we finally picked three items to share. It is always difficult to make our choices as we would love to try everything.

The first item is called Pave Matcha. It is a multilayers cake consists of matcha biscuit, poppy seed biscuit, matcha buttercream, black sesame buttercream and passion fruit. This cake has a nutty flavour and interesting textures when you bite into it. This piece costs $5.75.


The second item is Opera Noissette. It is made up of dark chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream and a hazelnut biscuits with praline crunch. The base of the cake is very crunchy and this is a very rich chocolate cake. Great for chocolate lover. This piece costs $5.50.


The last item is a Tiramisu Chocolate. Its tiramisu cream with 70% dark chocolate mousse, lady finger biscuit and espresso syrup. This creamy piece costs $5.25.


Polly had a premium tea to go with the cakes while I had a single Americano. The tea costs $2.25 while my coffee costs $1.85.


We also got two pieces of complementary chocolate truffles from the server. A good gesture. We will be back again.


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  1. gigi

    I went here last week and tried 3 cakes too: a matcha dome with passion fruit in the middle, the opera noisette, and a grapefruit mousse. The fruit-based desserts there are nice and light…not too sweet. But my favourite was the opera noisette.

  2. V

    I visited this bakery when I was in Vancouver, and the tiramisu was divine!

  3. The TriniGourmet

    ooo i shouldn’t have seen that in the middle of the night 🙂 starving now!

  4. Chubbypanda

    So pretty! I really love individual serving cakes.

  5. ET

    Ah Suanne, I see that you are a fan of Peter’s creations as well; have you been back? Imho, his products at Ganache will give any patisserie or bakery in Vancouver a run for their money, and he is a really nice guy to boot. He made our wedding cake, and we’ve been regulars since. 🙂

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