Liberty Bakery on Main Street, Vancouver

Updated: 12th Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed according to

LotusRapper recommended Liberty Bakery to us. Liberty Bakery is located at the corner of Main St and E. 21st Ave. You will not miss this bright orange building. There are street parkings and two parking spots at the rear of the bakery.

Liberty Bakery is an European style bakery with a Swedish chef. It is just perfect for Polly and me because it opens early, i.e. 8 am.


The interior decoration is simple and rustic. The furnitures are made of wood and painted colourfully. The decoration theme seems to focus on crows as there were quite a few crows posters on the walls.


There is even a wooden crow on the display window. Hmm, to the Asians, crow brings bad luck. I wonder what crows means to other ethnic society?


Liberty Bakery serves pastries….


… tarts, cookies …


… sandwiches, chocolate coated cakes…


… muffins and cakes.


We ordered four items to share because the items are small and only cost less than $3 each. Polly and I will not miss to try any cheesecakes. So, we ordered a slice of cherry cheesecake, …


… and a slice of apple cheesecake for $2.50 each. These cheesecakes are less sinful as there are not a lot of cream cheese in them. So, we can enjoy them without feeling guilty.


In addition, we ordered a slice of cinnamon custard cake which is crunchy on the top due to the almond coating and the cake is sweet and moist due to the custard filing. This slice costs for $1.75.


We also ordered a Dobos slice which is layered cake coated in chocolate and topped with almonds. The hard coating is a good contrast to to soft cake inside. This slice costs $2.50.


Both of us also ordered a Mocha to enjoy with the cakes. The Mocha costs $3.00.


Overall, this is a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee with your favourite cakes or pastries , especially with the company of a good friend. LotusRapper, thank you for your recommendation.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Awww man, it’s 11:26am and I’m starving and you show me this ?!? 😉

    Glad you went there and liked it. The cinnamon custard cake is great. My all-time favorite is the lemon (bundt) loaf as I love lemons, but I’ll eat anything, and everything they have is truly delicious.

    Speaking of Swedes, you may also want to check out this place on Arbutus, also open at 8am:

    Fancier offerings, slightly more expensive than Liberty but every bit delicious (perhaps a bit more caloric).

  2. Catt

    I’m with LotusRapper – now I’M starving!

  3. Suanne

    Hi LotusRapper, Polly and I will check out the Halso Bakery in fall when our kids are back to school and we can have some girl’s time together. Thank you for all your great recommendations.

  4. Marike

    I was just going to recommend this place to you and Polly, but looks like Lotus Rapper beat me! Anyhoo, I had the Cinnamon custard cake two weeks ago and it was really good.

    Have you tried the japanese restaurant Zipang across the street? I had their okonomiyaki but didn’t like it (too spongy, not crisp on outside).

    They had a stall at the Richmond night market selling takoyaki and the fish shaped waffles with red bean filling a few yrs back.

  5. LotusRapper

    Hi Marike,

    We go there almost every week, usually on Sunday for lunch. My son has to have his requisite weekly dose of their “gingebread boy” (their actual name, very cute) cookie. Their grilled paninis are especially good, the bread always light and not stuffing. Black bean soup is a constant on the menu, a good healthy break from all the baked goods (they have no salads unfortunately).

    One thing that’s been bugging me lately: they hang an “out of order” sign on the bathroom door. But there’s nothing wrong with it. They just do it to discourage patrons using it (told to me by one of their staff). Hmmm, customer service ???

    Gripes aside, Liberty’s food is consistently good and good value.

    1. Marike

      When I was there 2 weeks ago I was surprised to see an asian lady who seemed to be manager and an asian man as the chef?

      LotusRapper, have you tried Solly’s on Main and 27th? They have a variety of bagel sandwiches and other good eats like chicken soup (they call it Jewish penicillin).

      Also, I used to like Tonina’s at King Ed and Main too for pasta or deli items. But it seems like they changed owners and the food isn’t so great.

      1. LotusRapper

        Maybe those new faces you saw were extra help ? The owners are Gunnar and America Gustafson.

        Solly’s is a venerable institution. But since I’m no longer keeping bagels as part of my regular diet, I rarely ever go to Solly’s now.

        Tonina’s …. only popped my head in once. Never bought anything. But I heard they’ve changed owners.

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