Tim Hortons on No. 3 Road

It sure was a scorcher the past few days here in Vancouver. I guess I shouldn’t complain because it’s still less than 30 Celsius. By this time tomorrow, am gonna be in Vegas which hit 47 Celsius!! Gosh! I sure picked a lousy time to be in Vegas. What more, am gonna drive thru the Death Valley from Vegas to Yosemite. I am having second thoughts of that right now.

Back to Vancouver, it’s so freaking hot, we decided to pop over to Timmy Ho for a cup of our favourite iced cap. We went to the one on No 3 Road in Richmond. As you can see below, the Skytrain Canada line construction had reached the Aberdeen station now. Traffic had been a nightmare nowadays here.


Did you know that there are more Tim Hortons’ outlets in Canada than Mickey D? Yup, kind of hard to believe it but it’s true. I believe that McD still had more outlets here in BC but in the east, Timmy Ho reign supreme.

We simply love Timmy Ho’s Iced Cap … more than the other iced cappuccino from other places like Starbucks, and Second Cup. This came in three sizes.


They had a new iced cap on the menu. The Iced Cap Supreme is available in four flavours: Butter Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and new Strawberry Shortcake. I chose the Butter Caramel.

I remember reading in the papers comparing Tim Hortons’ Iced Cap with Starbuck’s Frap, Dairy Queen’s Chillate and 7-Eleven’s Slurpucino … and Tim Hortons’ won hands down in number of calories. I can’t recall exactly what it was but it seems something like 1000 … give or take 500. 🙂


Ohhh … Tim Hortons also have the prettiest looking Strawberry Tarts.


I dunno what it’s called but they do have some kind of cream in it. What is it called? Venetian cream? Anyway, it’s too rich for my taste but Suanne absolutely digs these stuff.


We’ll be traveling tomorrow and we’ll blog when only we get the chance. But stayed tuned for our trip report shortly … it’ll be Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe/Reno. I think you all will enjoy reading it. BTW, thanks for all the comments/tips that some of you left on this blog … more tips appreciated.

I’ve been working like a dog the past few weeks and so badly need a break from all the madness. He he he … this morning I received an alert on my cell on a Production issue and guess what … I don’t have to respond to that sort of stuff for the next two weeks!

I so look forward to this trip!!

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  1. Chris

    I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve never heard of Timothy Hortons but it sounds and looks good:)

  2. Jennifer

    The Moolatte from DQ is nothing to sneeze at…I just don’t care for soft-serve ice cream in a blended coffee drink. blech!

  3. Ruben

    the fact that Timmy’s uses non-dairy whiteners and “whipped topping” in their ice cap (and other drinks) grosses me out. At least Starbucks (or similar outfits) use real milk or soy and whipped cream.

  4. Sue Mona

    Can you believe there are no Tim Hortons in New York City? Only found out about it when I visit families in up state NY area(closed to the Canadian broader). I love TH’s hot chocolate. I buy boatlaod of those or have my mother in law mail me some. (they’re within walking distances from the place!).

  5. LotusRapper

    I’m a big (not physically) a donut aficionado. Timmy’s donuts have seriously gone downhill over the years in quality and quantity. Many of their selections are now pre-baked before arriving at each retail outlet.

    Trust me, you will not easily find superior donuts than Duffin’s at 41st/Knight (which also offers very good Vietnamese subs and Spanish torta subs). Large, fluffy, fresh and cheap. Their Main/33rd store is not quite up to par in quality and cleanliness. Both I believe are 24-hr operation but I may be wrong on the Main St store.

    Lee’s on Granville Island (public market) is quite good too, but my current fave is Duffin’s !!

  6. Chubbypanda

    We drove through Death Valley on the way to Vegas once. Be careful where you pull over if you decide to take some pictures. Our car got stuck in soft gravel and it took us two hours of careful digging and rock piling in crazy heat to get it out. Then we pulled over a few miles down the freeway to help someone dig out another car.

  7. Sarah

    Ah, Timmys… I used to work there over the summers, sometimes it was so hot our single ice cap machine would break down – not a pretty sight!! I do agree those strawberry tarts are divine though. The fiance would disagree, only because he’s a baker there and had to make them!!

  8. Macco

    I only go to Tim’s if their”s nothing else around. Sometimes in small town Ontario there’s no other choice. Tim’s iced caps are crap. A coffee syrup mixture and cream gives them an artificial taste. Switching to milk improves them only slightly. Their service is seriously deficient. Unlike other retailers, there does not seem to be any thought given to linespeed, hustle and efficiency. Their system is inherently slow. For a black coffee drinker like me, Tim’s coffee is uninspiring. I guess it’s got to be double double or triple triple to taste something. I”ve never understood why people are so brainwashed by this brand.

    1. Ben

      What do you mean, Macco? Timmy Ho’s Mocca Ice Cap IS my favourite summertime beverage. I hardly ever buys coffee/beverage from places like Tim Hortons, Starbucks and Tim Horton but if it is one drink I get, it is the Ice Cap. 🙂 Ben

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