Las Vegas Vacation: Lucky 7’s Buffet at Plaza Casino

Updated: 11th Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed according to

Really, this is unplanned for! Although we had planned for buffets in Las Vegas we had just wanted to get a small(er) meal for dinner. Well, walking down Fremont Street we can’t help but notice a sign that said $7.77 All Day Every Day Buffet. After spending almost $30 per head the previous two days, this is a bargain we can’t resist. No harm right? At the very least, we could just go in and check it out.

This was at the Plaza Hotel Casino and the Buffet is called the Lucky 7’s Buffet.


Bad move … first we see a long queue into the buffet which means one thing … that this is popular. And then checking what they served, oh boy, this is exactly what we like. Lots of meat and some comfort food. The boys love these no frills buffet … i.e. they enjoy sushi, burgers, fries, beef over crabs, seafood, and such.

One cannot compare this buffet in any form with The Buffet at Bellagio — not in any stretch of imagination. It’s just a simple buffet … why, even the buffet we had at Ole Country Buffet is posh compared to this. 🙂 Still, they have more food choices than I would care to try everything.


Arkensen and I loves meat … particularly roast prime beef … and only medium rare. This is really juicy and had the perfect amount of fat.


Absolutely gorgeous? I know, I know … some people find it a bit too rare. Come to think of it, this does look raw, doesn’t it? They are absolutely delicious, I kid you not.


More meat! We also had BBQ Pork Ribs. This was awesome … we had seconds. Of all the buffets we had in Nevada and California, this is the only one we came across BBQ Pork Ribs. I wonder why the rest does not serve this.


Simple tomato baked beans.


What fish is this? He he he … I can only recognize salmons. Anyway, this is cooked in teriyaki sauce.


Nice crispy fried chicken. The best part is the skin … I just love fried crunchy chicken skin. You know, I think this buffet is very much like southern cooking type — don’t you think so?


Oh yeah, they even have cooking stations … for burgers and hotdogs. Suanne and I stayed away from this but the boys had so much fun gobbling down the burger and fries. I had a bite … they were pretty good.


Nanzaro had the Chili Dog. The bun was so flimsy the entire bun fell apart. It was a mess.


Dessert was underwhelming here. Suanne had her favourite cheesecake, if you can call it that. There’s hardly any cheese in this … mostly flour cake, if you ask me.


Is there a name for this? I like this a lot. If you can tell me the name, I’ll try to look up the recipe on the internet and cajole Suanne to make this sometime soon!! 🙂


Ice cream in a cone … now, why didn’t the buffet chefs think about this. I mean, they would have been absolutely perfect if they offer chocolate coated waffle cones at buffets.


Overall, this was a great meal … great value for money too. $7.77 … you can’t beat that for value.

BTW, how much do one normally tip for buffets? We normally just tip $1 per person, or $2 if the service is good. But that is for a $30 buffet … do one tip lesser for a $7,77 buffet?

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  1. Joanna

    I think that the dessert you liked but couldn’t name is actually a cream horn. Hope that helps!

  2. Doug

    You tip at a buffet?
    Unless there is a waiter or waitress waiting on you at the buffet (you mentioned this one was like the Country Buffet), then I’d leave no tip. Otherwise if there was someone serving you a drink then a buck is sufficient.

  3. ellecamino

    your family sure seems to like fried chicken…have you ever tried popeye’s chicken and biscuits? (

  4. tigerfish

    Such a great value. Make me miss Vegas buffets. We usually tip 15% of the total bill. Thot that is the norm.

  5. HungryKat

    Yum… those pastries are called “cannoli” I think.

  6. Chubbypanda

    I’m too Chinese. I don’t tip at buffets unless I’m getting some superlative form of service.

  7. Ben

    Hi Susan:
    Wow, you have a beautiful website. BTW, thanks for the recipe link to cream horn. The hard part is to get Suanne to make this. She is adamant to stay out of the kitchen this summer break!

    Hi HungryKat and Joanna:
    Thanks for the response. I learn something today.

  8. lizzy

    you are supposed to tip atleast a dollar per person if you have a waitress. usually it is a dollar per drink she refilled

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