Yosemite Vacation: Buffet Breakfast at Curry Village

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We had a rough night in those tents in Curry Village. It was so bloody cold. Moreover, me being such a hero, did not bring along even a light jacket for this trip. Suanne insisted everyone bring one but I thought, well, it’s summer … why would I need a jacket right? The blanket was so thin and SHORT … does not help a bit at all. I decided to wake up at 5AM and took a walk to warm myself up.

Everyone else woke up at 7AM. Decided that since this place is so rough, we let the boys go without brushing their teeth for today! I was amazed that Suanne allowed that. Well, considering we had to take a long cold walk to the bear lockers to grab our toiletries and then endure a long wait to use the limited washrooms, I guess it’s quite OK to skip brushing their teeth for once. They were happy.

About the only warm place that morning was the Curry Village Buffet. We did not plan on having another buffet since we had so many already in Las Vegas. It was either this or we take a bus to the Yosemite Lodge.


Service was atrocious even though it was a buffet. The people who worked there are obviously seasonal workers who does not care to give us a fake smile or a fake greeting. No eye contact … mono-syllable communication … in another words, just plain rude, if you ask me. After a rough night, I admit I am quite cranky … but these kind of attitude will not bring these workers far in life. Sorry for being so judgmental! I had already decided then and there … no tip whatsoever for you guys … sorry.

The good part is this place is warm.


There were lots of food though. Count on this as standard American breakfast fare. It was quite good and we enjoyed it.


I remember we took a long time having this breakfast. I guess we were waiting for the sun to warm up the morning air.


Since we wanted to spend more time outdoors, we had only planned to have a sit down dinner. So, we loaded up and eat to our fill.


The total bill came up to $36.64 … the beauty of it is I did not leave any tip … and I actually felt good about it! I am not complaining about the bill … considering the amount of food, it was quite OK … it’s not cheap but at least I don’t feel ripped off price-wise.

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  1. nhbilly

    Good for you! Thanks for blogging your experience I will be prepare when I head to NoCa 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    I haven’t been to Yosemite in years, and you’re definitely right- $120 a night to sleep in a tent is insane!! At least you had real beds though…

  3. Windy

    Well done for not giving tips. I don’t really like to give any if possible. But I have an assumption that one should leave at least 15% tips in the US (outrage if you ask me).

  4. Chubbypanda

    Lol Poor Ben. Look at it this way. They have to sleep in the tents for months! =)

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