Yosemite Vacation: Glacier Point

I don’t know about you all but I am sick of writing about Yosemite by now! So, here is the last post about Yosemite before we move west to the Bay Area for the next phase of our vacation. We actually look forward to getting back to civilization!

One thing about bus trips in Yosemite is that you can almost chat with anyone. People are so friendly, especially people with cameras … and I find that Canon users are friendlier to me than Nikonians. LOL! So, there I was on the bus and there was this friendly guy with some kick-ass “L” lens who also spotted mine. We chatted about photography and he told me he had been travelling from one national park to another for the past 4 months. Some people are so lucky.

Well. he told me I must get to Glacier Point. To him it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen. I just gotta share with you that one panoramic photo from Glacier Point first … click on the picture below but I gotta warn you that it’s a 2.7MB file. I hope you like it … it certainly made my jaw drop when I first saw the view. If there is only one place you visit in Yosemite, you must make your way to Glacier Point … and don’t forget your camera.


There are two ways to get to Glacier Point from the Yosemite Village. You can either do a 4 mile major hike or you can take an almost 1.5 hours drive. At our fitness level, driving is certainly faster. Moreover, we’re just gonna drive to Glacier Point and then move on to Santa Clara immediately. We had a stop by a waterfall … can’t remember the name now.


We also drove past the tunnels one last time …


… and although we pass by this spot several times already, we always stop and just gawk at the majestic view.


Although it’s quite a long drive, the view is beyond description. Glacier Point basically overlooks the Yosemite Valley below. From this point, we can make out …


… the high-class Ahwahneechee Hotel — the best money could buy … and …


… Curry Village … the dump I stayed in for two nights. Oh yeah, I can never get over the fact that I need to make my own bed and pay $120 a night for that privilege. It sure looked pretty from the top though.


Suanne sure had a great time on her own. I could never get so close to the edge … and the rocks sure looked slippery. This is exactly the kind of place I could just sit there and just enjoy God’s creation.


You can see on one side meadows …


… in another part, waterfalls … and …


… the one rock that Arkensen and I vowed to return someday to climb the Half-Dome. We just gotta earn that privilege to wear that “I Made It To The Top” T-Shirts that we saw some people struts around in Yosemite. Some day …


So, this is it … a whirlwind two days at the Yosemite National Park. I sure wished I had known a bit more about Yosemite and planned a bit better. When we come back to Yosemite again someday, we’ll make it a lot more longer trip.


We are not even half-way done on our vacation … we are moving on to Santa Clara next.