San Francisco Vacation: Mel’s Drive-In

There was this one morning we took the Caltrain to San Francisco. It was pretty early and we were deciding what we wanted for breakfast. So we decided to walk from the Caltrain station near the Giants Stadium up to the Market and Powell. There were quite a few places available for breakfast. We actually had a hard time choosing because it’s either someone who wanted something else. But when we came across Mel’s Drive-In, it was unanimous. I am not sure exactly what it is but perhaps it’s the cheeriness and warmth of this place.


This is not a drive-in, despite its name. But it has a very nice 1950s nostalgic theme. This appears to be a very popular restaurant.


We love checking out the Juke Box on our table. Well, the boys does not recognize any songs at all. Not sure about you all, I love busy-looking table for breakfasts … you know … lots of condiments, straw dispenser, menus with pictures, coffee cups and all.


We ordered three things to share between the four of us. First, it was the diced ham and eggs. All of us loves eggs except Suanne. So, she stayed away from touching this.

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