San Francisco Vacation: Ghirardelli

The Ghirardelli Square is another tourist attraction located at the far eastern side of the Fishermans Wharf. We were only interested in visiting the Gihrardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Suanne and I had fond memories of eating Ghirardelli’s icre-cream sundaes here in freezing temperatures. Back then, we had icre-cream only when the weather is hot — not so these days.


We got free chocolates by just walking into Ghirardelli … and it is not just any cheap types but the real stuff from the popular inventory.


The place was busy when we got there. The was a queue that goes right out of the door. We had no idea of what we wanted to order and the menu were not much of a help because everything looked so good.

We placed our order at the counter, paid for them and then given a number.


We had to find a table ourselves. It’s a bit chaotic actually. The tables were arranged so tightly to each other that moving around is difficult. And because there are so many people, we had to quickly grab a table once one comes free … even before they clean the sticky chocolates and ice-cream from the tables.


We ordered two ice-cream sundaes. And boy, they looked every bit decadent as it looked on their menu.

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