Reno/Lake Tahoe Vacation: Breakfast Buffet at Lord Fitzgerald

I guess we’re eating like there is no tomorrow. We had a good buffet the previous day at the Flavors Buffet and then the next morning, we decided to go for another one. Just to be able to cope with the guilt of eating so much, we decided we try to look for the cheapest breakfast buffet. The cheapest we found was the Lord Fitzgeralds Feast and Merriment Buffet which is just a short walking distance from our hotel.


Well, the place is cheap alright. In order to get to the buffet, we had to walk the gauntlet of slot machines and smokey interior. All that stale cigarette smoke does not help with building an appetite.


The breakfast spread was quite respectable. We did not expect much since this place is cheap. They even have a “cook to order” station — nice.


What we like particularly about this place is that they have espresso and cappucino, albeit it was from a machine. Now, now … why did the other buffet places we been to not have this? Just for this alone, I am giving Lord Fitzgerald a few notch up in my rating.


There are the standard stuff you’ll find in breakfasts. Because of the way it was arranged and presented, they don’t particularly look appetizing.


No one in the family likes eggs except for myself. I simply love eggs and don’t understand why the others don’t. I think Suanne does not like it because she thinks it will make her fart more. The eggs benedict was quite OK. I find the egg a bit overcooked … slightly sifter would have been perfect. The biscuit is too dry and hard for my liking.


Nanzaro does not particularly like eggs but he got this only because it was made to order … he gets a kick out of being like a grown up. I was there when he ordered this. The man at the station asked him what he wanted in his omelette and guess what he says … “Everything”! That comment cracked everyone up at the line. Someone commented that that’s the right way to have omelette.


The scrambled eggs are OK. I love it with lots of pepper and a bit of salt. Better still, if I had soya sauce. The best thing you could add to eggs are soya sauce … don’t you guys think so? No, serious … especially those who had never had soya sauce with eggs … try it and I think you will like it.


The meats are dry and hard. Oh well … we had to have protein for a balance diet.


The sausage is OK and the bacon is a bit undercooked. We prefer them almost burnt to a crisp when it is crunchy and the flavor explodes in your mouth as you bite it. Bacon are NOT meant to be chewed!


The french toast was particularly yummy. Soft and moist … just perfect.


There is nothing much to say about the waffle except that they only have honey syrup to go with this. Tell me … what do you like your waffle with?


I don’t know what this is called … it’s a rolled up crepe and have jams as a filling. Hmmm … this would have been great if they make the crepe at the station. Crepes are meant to be eaten hot.


The boys love rice. They can have rice and noodles at every meal for all they care.


We were stuffed when we got to the desserts. But we had nothing particularly lined up for the day except for a drive to Lake Tahoe, so we slowed down and try to be greedy and gobble more down. We told ourselves that we’re gonna skip lunch.


The Lemon Meringue pie was surprisingly good. One thing about these kind of light pies, it does not fill you up as much as the other pies._MG_7976_edited-1

The cheesecake expert, Suanne, says that this is not nice, not creamy. Failing grades for this.


We ended up with some fruits.


Oh, we tried to time this breakfast so that we are still there for when they bring out the lunch spread. Guess what … they actually cordoned off the entire area while they make the transition. I guess for that low price, they want to prevent people to stay on for lunch too.

The bill came up to $28.35 including tips. Not bad right? Frankly, if you ignore the smokey interiors and the dark decor, this place is a bargain.

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