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Hah! Come to think of it, we had never had lunch at the #9 Restaurant. Maybe it’s because we have always mentally associated #9 as a supper place. Anyway, #9 is about the only place we know of getting a full meal at any hour. We had blogged about Late Night Supper and Early Morning Breakfast at #9 before. This time, it’s dinner.

A few weeks back, we went to #9 for dinner. We had enough of HK Style Cafes and of late been trying out more of, you know, chow-choy type of dinners. I am not sure what is the proper English word to describe this … but chow-choy to us means that we order dishes to share. It will come together with steamed rice and nothing else. Generally, that is how a typical family meal is served for the Chinese.

We got the 3-items set dinners which costs $32.75. The prices for the set dinners does not include steamed rice or soup — it’s just the selected dishes.

We ordered the green beans with minced pork in chilli sauce. The grean beans were crunchy and the sauce were great. This is so good that even Arkensen and Nanzaro like this despite this being a vegetable dish.


The other dish was the Lemon Chicken. This one is dry … too dry for our liking. The Chicken meat was too tough. It was not really good.


However, the Honey Garlic Ribs were fabulous. The ribs were well deep fried and gives a crispiness to the texture. It is sweetened by the honey.


We ordered 4 bowls of steamed rice to go along with the dishes. The servings of the dishes were big … so big that we could not finish them and had to take them home.

One thing about the #9 Restaurant … don’t expect stellar service from them. If you are lucky, and I mean extremely lucky, you get to be treated with respect!! No, not everyone is bad but there are some of the waitresses that we can’t stand. If you want to get their attention, like a refill of water, they would pretend they don’t see you. But when it comes to getting the tips from the table, they come by in lightning speed!! He he he … we get a kick out of leaving loose change and pennies on the table, wait for them to come to collect it and then see their faces.

The food is not bad but be prepared to be treated like sub-humans.

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  1. zoi

    we have the same observation and comments for #9. i also live in richmond. we seldom go to that place because of the attitude we always get plus there was just too much MSG on their food.

  2. LotusRapper

    Well the silver lining of bad service is I don’t feel obliged to tip much (or sometimes any). Admittedly my practice that may be part of the problem than the solution.

  3. Erick

    After a few bad experiences, we refuse to go to #9. The food is not that good and the lack of service is the last straw.

  4. Ed lau

    The best thing at #9 is the Shanghai Pork Chop Noodles (Pai Gwut Seung Hoy Meen).

    Also, give the burgers a try sometime. I know…burgers at a Chinese establishment…but they’re surprisingly good and good value for money! The chicken burger and the…uh…supreme? burger are particularly tasty.

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