Atlanta Trip: Here I Go Again!


I am kind of concerned that I have now turned this blog into a travel blog more than it is a food and recipe blog. Suanne sure had a good time off blogging for the past 2 months and I had been sort of hogging the lime light. She’ll be back with her recipes and all … after another week or so of travel blog. Her cooking club starts again this week after taking the past two months off in summer.

Shortly after our vacation, I made two trips to Atlanta for work and training. You know, after so much travel, I still kind of enjoy the travelling. I find that a time that I can really catch up on my work, emails and such on long flights … weird I know.

On my first trip, I flew via US Airways. They are not exactly my choice of an airline. My favourite had always been Delta and United. There are only one airline that operates direct flights between YVR and ATL.


US Airways operates a hub in Phoenix and so, when I travel the YVR-ATL sector, I transit in Phoenix, Arizona when I travel on US Airways. I had an one hour layover and since it was about lunch time, I went scouring for food. I enjoy checking out the food outlets at airport. So when I have the time to burn, I will check the airport map and then go check out places to eat. This time, I decided to grab some pizza from ASAP California Pizza Kitchen. ASAPs are the part of the California Pizza Kitchen chain which serves primarily passengers at airports.


They serve non-traditional pizzas. With names like BBQ Chicken Pizza, or BLT Pizza, Thai Chicken Pizza and Jamaica Jerk chicken Pizza, I could not resist trying them. The pizza was great. How I wish they have these kind of pizzas in Vancouver.


So, here’s the start of a 10 day blog on my two trips to Atlanta.

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  1. Rukya, London

    I have to admit, I do read yours and wife’s blog to psychologically fill my stomach when I’m feeling hungry in the early hours of the morning; but I still enjoy the entries about your travels (as long as there’s something about food mentioned in at least every other entry) – makes me feel as if I’ve been there myself.


  2. celia

    Hello Ben and Suanne: I agree with Rukya, Your travel series is very entertaining because you also show food. Yummy, yummy!!!!

  3. Ben

    Thanks Rukya, Celia. Glad you found the travel blog entertaining. Since you don’t mind travel blog, guess what … I am going to blog about New York City next!

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