Atlanta Trip: Zocalo in Midtown Atlanta

Seems like the whole village was in Atlanta the week we were there — which was good. My boss and my boss’s boss was there too to meet their boss. Separate meetings though. Minions like me have lesser meetings. I had expected this trip is going to be lighter than the previous ones as I am not driving the meetings. I just need to participate … I like these kind of trips.

First thing we did when we landed at the massive Atlanta airport was head over to Midtown Atlanta. Marko had offered to join us for dinner show us around Midtown. For me, I am always game to go somewhere new and try something different. After all these trips to “motherland” Atlanta, I am beginning to run out of places to try in and around Cumberland.

Long story short, Marko suggested Mexican but well, I am not really a fan of Mexican food. Somehow it always conjure up in my mind images of mashed beans … shudder. But then he used the magical words … AUTHENTIC Mexican food … now, that’s a different story altogether. I just gotta try it.

We went to this place called Zocalo. Man, the place was packed to the gills. They seem authentic enough … no aircond, semi open space and guess what … no lights too … just candles. It was unbelievably dark. It was so dark we could not even read the menu. They came by to give us a small torchlight to read. LOL! The place was loud and noisy though … lots of Spanish chatter. BTW, are Latin American ladies generally loud? I can hear their screams and howls and laughters from the other table. The guys are more subdued. They know how to have a great time.

I ordered the Mango Margarita. Wowee … this is the best Margarita I had ever had. It was so fruity that I could hardly detect a hint of tequila. Not a drinker myself, the drink went to my head and felt somewhat tipsy. Nice choice. They came by and asked if I wanted another … no way man, I would not be able to walk after another one. This sweet potent margarita will be my baseline benchmark of what a great margarita is going forward.


The salsa was awesome. Sure beats the ones we buy from the Superstore about a million times over. Don’t roll your eyes, OK? I got a legitimate question. Guacamole … how do you eat them? Use it like a dip just like salsa here? I saw them making it fresh next to the tables that order them. They looked absolutely delicious. I am gonna try that next time I am in an AUTHENTIC Mexican restaurant.


Now … for the life of me, I can’t remember what I ordered for dinner. No, it was not because of the Margarita that I have select memory. No, no … it was simply because it was so long ago and I don’t have the receipt. I think it’s some fish dish. It was nice … I liked it. The best part? There were no mashed up beans on this.


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  1. Erick


    Yes, you can use guacamole as a dip or put on top of a mound of nachos with salsa. For me, it’s the only way I eat avocados.

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