Atlanta Trip: Breakfast at the Marriott’s

I almost always stay in the same hotel when I travel to Atlanta. It’s at a Marriott hotel and is located just across from our office block in Atlanta. I like that hotel. It’s clean, comfortable, have free high-speed internet and almost everything you will ever need while on business trips. Almost all their guests are business travelers.

Breakfast for me is almost always at the Courtyard Cafe. I wished I had the chance to go further out for breakfasts but it’s hard for me because of the 3-hr time zone difference between Atlanta and Vancouver. Breakfast in Atlanta’s 8AM is 5AM in Vancouver!

The buffet breakfast in Marriott’s is the same everyday. It costs about ten bucks.


I always start off with coffee with cream and sugar. I like their coffee.


What I like best about having breakfast here is that the people knows me already after two years of frequent stays here. Recently, they even remember that I wanted two sunny side up eggs before I asked them for it. Only scrambled eggs are on the buffet table but you can order eggs done other ways from the kitchen.


There is also a waffle maker. I normally would make one of those.


The other normal stuff they had on the buffet table are bacon, hash browns, and sausages. They are not really great … well, except for the bacon.


Then there are the normal sliced breads and bagel. I burnt the ones below badly but they are still edible.


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  1. Paula from Only Cookware

    The one thing I like about staying at hotels are the breakfasts. I would never have that sort of choice of foods at home.

  2. Ron C.

    The Marriott Residence Inn in Portland, Oregon (at Riverfront Place) has a free breakfast when you stay there – looks like the same set-up, including the do-it-yourself waffles. No option for fried eggs though – just scrambled available.

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