Atlanta Trip: The Border Mexican Restaurant

A colleague of mine at the Atlanta office offered to show me some of the nicer places to eat. Anytime anyone offers to take a drive away from the office area for food, I immediately will jump into the offer. After all, at the rate I am visiting Atlanta, I think I would have tried every place that is within walking distance within the next two trips.

We went to a Mexican restaurant called The Border. It was only until I was home and started blogging about this that I realized, hey … I had been here before. I was here the last time for lunch. Here is the blog entry. That was about lunch … this one is for dinner.

What drink would you order in a Mexican restaurant? For me, I only know of Margaritas and got myself a mango version. Hmmm … not bad. Would have preferred it a bit more fruitier.

OK, don’t roll over your eyes. I am a newbie when it comes to Mexican food. I am still in a very early stages of discovery. So, the food below may be very basic to you … but not to me! 🙂

We also had nachos but ordered something new that I never knew existed. The dip is made of cheese! I can’t remember what type of cheese but I think it is something like goat or something. It was awesome but as I had that, I just keep thinking how much cholesterol there are in this.


The best part of the meal is this soup. Again, I forgot what it is called but I vividly recalled that it had big chunks of avocado. Next time I am in a Mexican restaurant, I’ll look for this. Wait … I see it now. I actually took pictures of their menu and I guess this one is called … well … Chicken Soup!


By the time the Fajitas came, I was really full. The tender-sliced chicken is served on a sizzling hot plate with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.


It also came with some stuff that you wrapped it in. I still hate the mashed up beans but the tomatoes were very fresh.


The tortilla came wrapped in foil, I guess to keep it warm.


Then the hard part … putting this into the wrap and rolling it up …


… not an easy task really. I guess I must have put in too much and found it hard to keep it together.


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  1. Ed lau

    You fold about an inch of the bottom upward before folding the sides so stuff doesn’t fall out the bottom.

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