New York, New York

Wait … wait … wait a sec.

Before I really get off my soapbox and before I really pass it on to Suanne, I want to take this time to get some travel tips from you all. Am planning a trip to New York City in mid October. I have never been to that great city. In my other previous travels I had gotten great pointers from the readers of this blog.

Yesterday I went to the Richmond Public Library and raided the shelves for travel books and DVDs on New York City. Wow, I did not realize that is so much to see and do in NYC.


Here are my general plans. I have 6-7 days in the city. I am traveling alone … AGAIN! I know, I know … I know what you’re gonna say … but Suanne can’t travel this time because we can’t pull the boys out from school anymore. For me, I have this great vacation pass which costs just $100 to NYC and lots of banked vacation leave that I need to clear before Peoplesoft happily zerorizes it.

So, help me out here …

ACCOMMODATION: I had quite a bit of a shock to find how expensive hotel rooms are in NYC. Am now seriously thinking of staying a bit further and taking the transit to Manhattan everyday. I am gonna land in EWR (Newark). Is that workable?

FOOD: I did some research and found lots of food that NYC is famous for. Can you all recommend some of the best (*and cheap*) places in NYC?

SIGHTS: What are the must see places? And tips about going there?

CRIME: My fear may be unfounded but I have a feeling that NYC is not as safe as other American cities. New Yorkers … tell me now … is it foolish to carry a backpack of photography equipment with a tripod walking around the city. A friend (yeah, thanks a MILLION KC for scaring me!) told me his friend had a gun pointed at him once in a subway.

Any advice appreciated!