Sticky Rice Roll

Arkensen and Nanzaro love the Sticky Rice Roll from the Shanghai Restaurant. For those of you who lives in around the Vancouver area, you might know that T&T also has a station in their food section which sells Sticky Rice Rolls. We love those from the T&T as you get the choice of fillings to choose from.

With the Pork Floss I made earlier, I made this simple Sticky Rice Rolls for my kids for their lunch box for school. This is so simple to make. Of course you may use other ingredients as you like.



  • sticky rice
  • pork floss
  • toasted sesame seeds



_MG_8661_edited-1Soak the stick rice for at least 2 hours or overnight before steaming. Sprinkle the rice with water occasionally while steaming until the rice is translucent. This takes about 30 to 40 minutes.Another way to cook it is to microwave it. Don’t forget to soak the rice for at least 10 minutes. I find the microwave method works really well and time saving. When I cooked the sticky rice using the microwave, I used chicken stock instead of water to add flavour to the rice.

Season the rice with some salt or else it will be very bland.

_MG_8663_edited-1Fluff the rice and let it cool down before making the roll.
_MG_8666_edited-1Place a piece of plastic wrap on the working surface. Place enough sticky rice on the plastic wrap. Top the rice with pork floss and toasted sesame seeds. You may add other ingredients as you desired. Bring the plastic wrap up and roll the rice into a cylinder tightly.This sticky rice roll is good for school lunch or picnic. It’s convenient to eat.You may use other ingredients like thinly sliced carrot, omelette, tuna, hot dog,etc for the filling as you preferred.

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  1. Kelvin

    Oh wow! This is just like the indonesian Lumper / Lemper! I always buy this at the Surinam take away! mmmmmm

  2. Windy

    Hi Suanne – I’ve a question about the rice – can I use any rice or there is definitely a ‘stick rice’ exist (sorry if it sounds stupid)?

  3. Suanne

    Hi Windy, sticky rice is also known as sweet rice. I have never try with other type of rice with this recipe. I think sticky rice has a unique feature where it is sticky and yet firm. I guess you can try with Japanese sushi rice which is also on the sticky side.

  4. Kelvin

    It is also called, glutinous rice.

  5. jellytot

    There is a similar dish commonly eaten by Shanghainese (and many Chinese in China & HK) as breakfast. It is called “chi fan” (or ‘sticky rice’ in cantonese). The only difference between what you’ve made and a chi fan is: MINUS the toasted sesame seed; and ADD (a) a strip of fried dough stick (Also known as “yao zha guai” in cantonese or “you tiao” in mandarin. It comes in a pair of ‘sticks’ joined together. Peel the ‘sticks’ apart and use 1 strip at a time) and (b) chopped sechuan pickles (Also known as “sechuan chai” in mandarin or “lart choy” in cantonese. The pickles are quite salty and usually spicy. It is usually sold in a packet with the pickles already cut into 1 inch strips or sold as a ball of pickle roughly the size of a tennis ball.)

    Hope you guys out there know what I’m trying to describe here. Go try out the recipe. It’s delicious!!!

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