Shari’s in Bellingham

We had seen many Shari’s restaurants in our travel along the Western USA. We see a lot of them especially in Washington and Oregon state … but never been into one. From the outside it seems very much like Denny’s. So, over the weekend we decided to go to the Shari’s in Bellingham for lunch.

One unique thing about Shari’s restaurant is their unique six sided building design which allows for maximum windows seating. It also allows the quickest path from the centrally located kitchen to the dining tables. I am impressed with the thinking behind the design.


Shari’s is a family oriented restaurant which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Shari’s is named after the wife of the founder of the restaurant chain … her name was Sharon but not sure how it ended up as a Shari.


Nanzaro was not a happy camper that day. He so badly wanted the iced coffee but we said no. Don’t you think he’s too young to have coffee on his own? And to make matter worse, he ordered Pepsi instead but they served it to him in a kiddy cup! He was so annoyed that that he quite sternly told the waitress, he does not want his Pepsi in a kiddy cup. Oh boy … he is in a rush to grow up isn’t he?

Suanne and I had the Arosta iced mocha and iced coffee. We love this. We had expected the Mocha to be rich and thick but surprisingly the Iced Coffee was equally rich too. This is way much better than McDonald’s Iced Coffee which we had learned to love so much.

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