Chrysanthemum Red Bean Pastries

Zoe also make a few Chrysanthemum Red Bean Pastries as an alternative for people who do not like salted egg yolk for health reason or just personal preference. You can make these pastries with lotus paste or green bean paste.



Refer to the ingredients in Salted Egg Yolk Red Bean Pastries entry but exclude the salted egg yolk.


Refer to the instructions in Salted Egg Yolk Red Bean Pastries entry up to inserting the filing into the dough ball and flatten the ball.

Use a sharp knife to make incisions on the dough.


The incisions should be four deeper cuts and in between the four cuts, make another 2 less deeper cuts.


Finish with the egg wash and garnishing and they are ready for baking.

Zoe, thank you so much for showing us how to make these marvelous Chinese pastries. We look forward for more of such recipes.

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