12-Egg Omelettes in Beth’s Cafe in Seattle, WA

Call us crazy or what … a few years back, heavens knows how many years back, we actually drove all the way from Richmond to Burlington just to try the Krispy Kreme that had just been opened. Back then, I knew it was crazy as not many people do that. I recall the amused look of the US Border Officer when I told him I am going to the US for donuts.

A few weeks back, a reader by the name of xsweetonex commented on our blog of Beth’s Cafe in Seattle and of their 12-egg omelettes … that sure got my attention. So, I googled Beth’s Cafe and to my surprise there were tons and tons of reviews of this place. I told Suanne I simply got to go and check out this place. Since, Red Mango had just opened too in Bellevue, we took a Saturday driving across the border … yeah, again … just for food.

They have a website which you should check out (http://www.bethscafe.com/). For a worn-down looking restaurant like this, it’s amazing that they’re world famous for their omelettes. Apparently, Beth’s had been operating here for more then 50 years.


In a nice way of describing it, Beth’s Cafe is described as informal. Maybe it is early in the morning when we got there but the customers were most like truck drivers type. Not that it’s a problem but contrasting this with, say IHOP or Denny’s, the customer here does not seem to have at least have their hair combed. Know what I mean?


This is an old place and it shows. They had ingeniously peppered by crayon drawings from their customers. When we got seated, they asked us if we wanted crayons and paper. It was entertaining reading the crayon drawings from people all over the world.


The Coffee and Hot Chocolate are $1.95 each.


You have an option for either a 6-egg or 12-egg omelette. If my memory serves me correctly, they have 4 types. We decided to pig out on their 12-egg version of what they call “The Full House”, even though we could have ordered 2 orders of the 6-egg omelette of different types.

The Full House costs $14.95 with all-you-can-eat hash browns. Many people will not be able to finish this off by themselves … so, you can share it but they will charge $1.50 extra for the extra servings of hash browns for each person. Between the four of us, this came up to $19.45.


The Full House contained Ham, Mushrooms & American Cheese. Oh boy, it was super heavy and ultra greasy. Even though I am about the only one in the family that likes eggs, this one is different. The boys love it … and even Suanne likes it too.


Their all-you-can-eat hash browns were tasty. They normally gives each more hash than people could normally eat. We asked for a second helping. It was great.


The total bill came up to $34 including tax and tips. The price is quite OK, even though I would not call it cheap. I mean, it was just omelettes and coffee we just had. However, it was great fun eating here. I suggest that if any Vancouverites goes to Seattle for a vacation or something, you should make an effort to eat here.

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  1. Claire

    Just watch out for unwritten POLICIES. There is a no joiners policy on the weekend so don’t attempt to share a table with friends. Order your food at the counter and then join your friends later or you will be refused service.

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