Red Mango in Bellevue, WA

After the 12-egg omelette breakfast, we went for a bit of shopping around Bellevue. After all, with the exchange rate between the CAD and USD these days, everything in the US seems like a bargain to us. Before heading back to Vancouver we drove over to the Bellevue Suqare for dessert — Frozen Yogurt in a place called Red Mango.

Red Mango was recommended by Erick who mentioned that this fro-yo chain from South Korea had taken California by storm. The only yogurt we ever had was those Danone yogurt that was sold in small plastic cups at the Real Canadian Superstore.

Locating the Red Mango was a bit of a challenge for us. It was because it was not listed on the Bellevue Square store directory. After walking about for a bit and having asked the info counter did we realize how new this store is. They had only opened just last month.


This Red Mango outlet is small with just a few small tables. We did notice that most of the customers are Asians. Frankly, I know very little about yogurt and never imagined that a popular yogurt chain would actually originate from east Asia.

Froyo, or frogurt, is a low fat alternative to icre-cream. Red Mango claims that they use only natural ingredients in making their “Authentic” frozen yogurt.


Ordering this is easy. The menu is really small. You get a choice of two flavours — vanilla or green tea. And then you choose the number of toppings you want. The toppings are fresh fruits or dry stuff like nuts. chocolate, etc.


We ordered two Red Mango Yougurt to share. The first was the medium sized, original vanilla flavour with three toppings. We chose chocolate chips, golden grahams and cocoa pebbles. This costs $5. The texture was smooth and creamy with a slight sourish taste.


The second Red Mango Yogurt is also a medium sized one with Green Tea yogurt. For this we chose fresh fruits — strawberries, mango and blueberries. This costs $6. I personally prefer this one over the earlier one. It had a hint of green tea.

I am not sure what the big deal is with having live active cultures in yogurts … sorry for the ignorance.


Going northbound is not too bad that day — “just” 45 minutes.


Alrighty … that’s all from me for next week or two. Am going on a blogging hiatus and will be back after Suanne had blogged her stuff. I hope you will enjoy my next series. I had planned a 26 day series of my vacation in New York City.

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  1. Jessica

    I think the deal with the bacterial cultures is they’re supposed to make you healthier by killing off “bad” bacteria in your body. They also replace the “good” bacteria that has been wiped out by antibiotics.

    You’ve never gone to yogenfruz??? It’s in pretty much every mall and its really yummy. TCBY is good too! That one’s in the Scotiabank theatre downtown.

  2. Erick


    You beat me to the punch. I haven’t tried the Red Mango yogurt yet, even though it’s only 20 minutes from my house. I guess you folks are doing the reverse of our travels to Vancouver to eat the Asian food. We should get together sometime!


  3. Minnie

    wow lucky u ..vacation again ? You guys get to go on a lot of vacations 😀 me jealous hehe

    frozen yogurt ….. yummmmmm

  4. LotusRapper

    I used to be a frequent frogurt eater and I vouch for Yogen Fruz and TCBY both as very good.

    “Just 45 mins” eh ? One word: “Nexus”

  5. Windy

    Green tea frozen yoghurt but not in green colour…? Strange.

  6. RobynT

    i think regular yogurt usually has active cultures, but frozen yogurt usually doesn’t. they are good for digestion, which is especially important if you are lactose intolerant. live cultures means you can still eat it because it helps you digest the lactose.

  7. gigi

    I have heard that Red Mango is similar to the Pinkberry chain in California, which I have heard a lot about and really want to try. Of course, Bellevue is much closer to Vancouver than Pinkberry so I will have to try it the next time I am in the area!

  8. Chubbypanda

    There’s a full on frozen yogurt war going on down here in Southern California with Pinkberry, Red Mango, Kiwiberry, Yogurtland, and Ce Fiore among others. Cat loves them all. I can take it or leave it.

  9. thoughts

    red mango is relatively new here in the philippines but it is already a majot hit especially among yuppies

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