Red Bean Bun

Julie also made some Red Bean Bun which is great for snacking. I know it looks so much like hamburgers (a full meal even) but it is actually light despite the size. This is actually a simplified version of those Japanese Red Bean Pancake (Dorayaki). Julie used store bought bun to substitute the pancake.


However, the red bean paste, Julie made her own. She preferred a coarser texture red bean paste than those smooth one from the store. She did not show us how to do this though as it takes time to make it.


To assemble this, just warm up the bun using the oven or microwave and fill the bun the red bean paste.


The Red Bean Bun makes an excellent snack. It is best eaten warm.


Ha ha … this is not much of a recipe huh? I hope to get Julie to show me how she makes her red bean paste someday.