Caring Place Potluck 2007

The Caring Place Community Kitchen sessions for 2007 ended early this year on 15th November. This is because the kitchen is fully booked for Christmas-related events even five weeks before the Christmas. You know, I feel that Christmas starts earlier every year.


We had a potluck, as usual, to celebrate the closing of this year’s program. It is always great to enjoy each other’s food and chit chat about everything under the sky. I am going to miss meeting the ladies for the next couple of months. Anyway, here is what we had brought to share for the potluck.


Stella made some Banana Apple Walnut Muffins. The large pieces of walnuts studded from the top of the muffins make it very interesting.


Minoo made Lubria Polo which she had demonstrated in the Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen.


I brought Steamed Rice Cakes (Pak Thong Koh).


Ada brought Mango Pudding.


Amy brought some mash potatoes.


Jean brought two items. Her Matrimonial Squares and …


… Devil Eggs.


Zoe is the best. She made four items, mini cheese tarts …


… peanut salad, …


… milk pudding, …


… and a coffee jelly to be served with coffee creamer.

Ladies (from left, Minoo, Jean, Stella, Zoe, Amy and Ada), thank you for sharing and I had a great time. Also, I had to thank Ruby for dropping by with some Chocolate Chip Cookies even though she is not able to attend the potluck.


I wish everyone a great year ahead.

OK, I am done for the next 1 month … Ben is supposed to start on his humongous New York series tomorrow. Being such a procrastinator, he had not blogged a single word yet. I know he is going to scramble to put it together tonight.

BTW, Ben changed a bit of the way the blog looked. There are some improvement but he had started to what-he-says-is-to “monetize” chowtimes. He had put up a few Google Ads for the last one week and it’s making some money! I hope the ads is not too distracting to you readers out there. Let us know if it does.

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  1. Jessica

    I think the new banner pic with the coffee is pretty 🙂 And no your google ads arent distracting!

  2. Ben

    Hi Jesicca: Glad you like the banner picture. Arkensen did that for me and took him a grand 2 minutes to whip that up. I like the composition of the banner. Me thinks he is really creative and will make a good graphic artist.

  3. Chubbypanda

    Your potluck posts always make me so hungry.

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