New York: Times Square

He he he … I really do not have a lot to share about Time Square but I reckon a series about New York will not be complete without any mention of Time Square.

Time Square is very much like a staging point for me everyday. During my vacation, I stayed in North Bergen in New Jersey. It is just a $2 bus ride from the front steps of the hotel to the Port Authority. So, I almost always ended up walking around Times Square for a bit.

Times Square is THE place to celebrate the new year … it is where the site of the new year eve ball drop. In this narrow strip of road, at least half a million, sometimes up to a million, people will converge here to usher in the new year.


Time Square is named after New York Times. The New York Times offices are no longer located here these days … they have moved but the name remained. While equally brilliant in the day time, the best time to visit Times Square is at night. It is characterized by the hundred of animated digital advertisements on every square inch of the building facade.

I was told that there is actually a bylaw in New York that buildings in Times Square MUST have such illuminated signs. Strange! But it sure makes this place looked so beautiful.


In my first morning there, I came across the curved sign of Good Morning America. This, I later learned, is where the Times Square Studios are located.


I just caught the taping of the show in progress. I could not get in … frankly I don’t care about Good Morning America because I had never had the luxury (unlike Suanne!) to watch morning TV shows. Anyone knows how to get on to one of these tapings?


Well, being food blogger, I will not miss a chance of at least taking a peek at the Hershey’s store.


And just right right across the street was the M&M’s store. I went into both … ended buying stuff from Hershey’s. I guess I prefer Hershey’s over M&Ms.


Times Square is very touristy, I’ll say. I felt very very safe even at night. I also deliberately went to Times Square on a Saturday night thinking that it would be the most crowded … it sure was. I enjoyed myself there, just people watching and all. I guess I will have more fun if Suanne was there too. Oh-oh … I am feeling homesick and I have four more days to go!


I’ll blog about food tomorrow … New York Bagels.

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  1. Jessica

    Love the last pic in the Times Square entry. Very cool!

  2. cutemommy98

    love all ur pics n stories on NYC.I wish i could go there too!

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