New York: Breakfast at the Empire Diner

Just a couple of days left in my trip. If there is a theme to the day, it would perhaps be “water” — have planned for a cruise around Manhattan and then a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. This will be a welcome change of pace for me because there will be less walking!

As usual, I started off the day early. Breakfast is at the Empire Diner which, again, was featured in my guidebook as a great place for breakfast. This place is opened 24 hrs and is located in 210 10th Ave. This location works great too as it is just blocks away from the place where I am going to that cruise.


This place is unique in that it is an art deco beauty faithfully refurbished as a classic 1920s American Diner. They have won several awards, including Best Diner in 2006.

I guess it must have been way too early for people to be here. There are only two other tables taken up — both are tourists. I think that this is very much a touristy place since it is featured in travel books and that there are not many offices around the area.


Started off with coffee. It was great. They provided frothed and hot milk on a separate metal mug — never seen people doing that before. I think it is a great idea.


They also gave me a small cup of marmalade (I think). I have no idea why because I did not order a toast.


I made up my order and went for a bit of what is not very common in a breakfast platter and a bit of what I like most (eggs over easy).


I like the English muffins which is toasted and buttered. I think I figured out why such muffins looks and tastes better than, say, sliced bread. It’s the uneven texture. I really think that bread which has an uneven texture (i.e. broken up, not sliced) holds the spread better. If they had perfectly sliced the muffin cleanly across with a knife, it would not have been as appealing. LOL!


The cottage fries was crispy but the sausage was simply too much for me. I guess I am not a big breakfast eater.

The total came up to $13, tips included.

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  1. twinkienic

    Hi! I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and have been really enjoying it. Your food pictures are great! I’m sure you’ve been asked this many times, but what camera do you use?

  2. RobynT

    the marmalade is for your english muffin! lol.

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