New York: Circle Line Cruise

The morning is dominated by this cruise. For once, I so look forward to a few hours of sitting and enjoying the sights. The CityPass I had, included a 2 hr Manhattan Island Cruise.


So, I got there at shortly before 10AM. It was later I found out that the next 2 hr cruise will start only at 11AM. That is an hour wait and where the jetty is, there is nothing around interesting to burn the hour. So, I paid $4.50 and upgraded to a 3 hr cruise which leaves immediately.


The cruise goes around the Manhattan Island counter clock wise starting from the 42nd Street pier. Here are some of the more interesting pictures I took during the cruise. First there is a four level golf driving range, I had seen this in TV or movies before but not in real life. I find it kind of strange that New Yorkers would take up golf since I don’t think there are any golf courses nearby … certainly not on Manhattan.


On the cruise, there are live narations. I am amazed at this guy who kept on talking for 3 straight hours. Anyway, when we came to this pier, he did mention something about Titanic berthed here. I must have heard it wrongly because as far as I know the Titanic’s maiden voyage is from Europe (England?) to new York. The Titanic never made it to the US. You know what this pier is about? New Yorkers?


Some of the best thing in New York are free. I heard that the Staten Ferry is free and is the best way to see the New York Harbour.


We came near the Ellis Island. This is THE port of entry for most immigrants to the US from 1890s to 1950s. About 70% of all immigrants to the US landed here and during the period it was opened, it processed about 12 million people. You do the math, with the current population of 300 million, I am guessing that perhaps at least 10%-20% of the current population are related to someone who had immigrated to the US through this place. It is now a museum. I did not go there this time … someday I will.


The Statue of Liberty is what got everyone excited. Everyone got off their seats and scrambled to one side of the boat … I was thinking that it’s kind of dangerous. No trip to New York is ever complete without a visit to The Lady Liberty … I did not visit it this time. At least I was quite near it.

To a lot of new immigrants to the US, the Statue of Liberty is their first glimpse of their new home. Nothing else is more iconic of the US than the Statue of Liberty.


This view is from Lower Manhattan. You might notice that it is Lower Manhattan from the three towers of the World Financial Center (the ones with the round, square and pyramid top). In between them you could see all the way to the Empire State Building in midtown.

Before 9-11, you cannot see the Empire State Building … because the giant Twin Towers would have obscured this view.


Further down near the north side of the east river is this house standing amidst all the tall buildings around. Such a house would not have been possible because NYC is so built up. I was told that this is the residence of the Mayor of New York. Can anyone confirm?


The view of the United Nations complex is much more beautiful from the river. If you click on the picture below, you will see that there are three red brick buildings facing the UN. If you look carefully, you will see that the two right most buildings, the ones directly facing the UN Complex had no windows. Apparently this is deliberately done because they don’t want the residents of the two blocks snooping on the UN complex. The only windows that you see, as I am told, is from the stairwells.


The Brooklyn Bridge seems so old fashion but during its day it was a state of the art bridge. I will blog more about it later on. It is from this angle that one can take the best pictures of Lower Manhattan.


OK, here is the reason why I did not attempt to go to the Statue of Liberty. It’s kind of hard to see the lines but the white tents are just the security checks. On a busy weekend, it will take about 3 hours to get on the ferry to Liberty Island.


Oh, this one is for Suanne … Martha Stewart’s office, the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, is located on the 9th floor of this large building. Looks like it took up an entire city block! Legend has it that Martha Stewart moves around the office in a golf cart.


So, there it is … my 3 hour cruise. It was really interesting … you should go on this cruise too.

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  1. Susan Wilson

    Thanks for the great review of the Circle Line Sightseeing cruise.

    Susan Wilson
    CityPass PR

  2. Chris

    For people who are cheap(like me!), the Staten Island ferry goes by the Statue of Liberty and u can get pretty good fotos, and it’s FREE!

  3. Pete

    First let me say what a fabulous blog you have here. Your passion for food shines through and really helps make it a very interesting and educational read.
    Now, as far as the house on the East River. That is indeed Gracie Mansion which is the official residence for the Mayor of NYC. Next time you get to NY you should consider getting out to some of the boroughs. There are some spectacular opportunities to eat well outside of Manhattan. I’d be happy to provide some recommendations if you like.
    Keep up the great work, and thanks!

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