New York: Ghost Town Movie Shoot

I got myself a role as an extra in a movie while I was in Central Park. I can’t believe my luck! I was walking in a section call the Literary Walk. The Literary Walk is sort of like the formal side of the park where there are rows of tall elm trees which provides a cathedral like ceiling high over the wide walkway.

I was walking around that area and came across a group of people milling around two large white reflector screens. I knew it was some movie going on and decided to walk closer and have a look.


I hung around just next to the screens for a few minutes. I think they were checking and re-checking the lightings. No one bothered with me. I don’t know … perhaps they think that I am a pro-photographer … he he he. They allowed me to get real close.


Then I saw “him” … Ricky Gervais. That was Ricky Gervais, isn’t it … the guy in the brown jacket?


At that time I did not know what was really going on. Before I knew it, there were instructions shouted over the bullhorn but I could not make out what was said. It appears to me that everyone was getting into position. At first, I thought of retreating away but I saw that the ends of the Literary Walk was blocked off. Oh man … I was stuck right in the middle of a movie shoot!


So, I decided to put my stuff down and discretely put away my camera which would have been obvious. I decided to be part of the movie shoot since it appears they allow me there as long as play the part of the crowd. I had a good time chatting with the extras while in between shoots … particularly with this lady who was pushing a fake baby. She was the one who told me the name of the show … it’s Ghost Town.


I pulled out my pack of jerky which was my favourite snack while travelling. I also took out my travel guide and pretend to be someone just out reading in the park on a nice day.


I stayed for five takes and then decided I had enough. I believe Ghost Town will be in the theaters in summer or spring 2008. If you do catch the movie, remember the scene from the park … there is this guy sitting on one of the benches reading a book, munching some jerkies … and just right next to the fake hotdog stand … yep … that’s me!

I can even picture it now … Ghost Town … starring Ricky Gervais … also introducing Ben from!


I had a great time! And will be sure to buy the DVD when this movie comes out.

I scoured youtube and found the following of Ricky Gervais talking about the movie:


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  1. Jessica

    Forgot to say you can add yourself as part of the actor list! Other extras have. You can be “guy on bench” and write your “celeb” bio ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. josephine

    wow central park is beautiful! i shall go there and make new york part of my trip list next yr~

  3. Windy

    Ben will be in a movie??? This is so cool Ben! He does look like Ricky Gervais from your photo.

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