New York: Wanna Go?

Hey All:

Hope you’ve enjoyed the series on my trip to New York City. I am not quite done yet but wanted to ask you to stay tuned for the next few days. Here is the chance to follow on my footsteps … I have a couple of CityPasses (worth $130) to New York to give out just before Christmas, sponsored by none other CityPass. I am going to run a simple contest and the winner will get a Christmas present from chowtimes and CityPass!

AtrPass_10th_logo_RGBCityPass had announced that they now have Valid All Winter Special passes. Instead of the normal validity of just 9 days from first use, this one will be valid all winter long. I think this will especially be useful for people living in and around New York and will undoubtedly make a great gift too. I’ll tell you more about it in the next few days.

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  1. Kay

    Hm… I wonder what that be?

  2. Tom Patrick

    I came across this quite by accident. I never stay as long as I did at a site but your visual tour and writing of your visit to NYC made me feel like I was there with you the whole time and for that I Thank You. From St. Louis, Missouri..Thank You for the tour I can only dream about. 🙂

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