New York: Lindy’s World Famous Cheesecake

This is one place I know Suanne would absolutely love if she is with me in NYC. Being a cheesecake addict, I bet she will want to visit this place more than once.

There are many types of cheesecakes in the world. However, when people think about cheesecakes, they invariably think of the New York-style cheesecake. In New York, that would either mean Lindy’s or Junior’s. Each of them have a rather similar tagline. For Lindy’s, it is the “world famous cheesecake” … while, Junior’s is the “most fabulous cheesecake”. I thought I won’t go wrong with the World’s Most Famous Cheesecakes.

Lindy’s is a deli/restaurant located in Time Square. I heard they have a few other outlets too in Manhattan.


When does one normally have cheesecakes anyway? I guess it’s supposed to be dessert for dinner and maybe lunch. I had it for breakfast. That kind of work for me.


According to my guidebook, the NY-style cheesecake is actually made famous by both Lindy’s and Junior’s. This style of cheesecake is sometimes referred to as the Jewish-style cheesecake.

After that somewhat disappointing experience with the fancy pizza in Lombardi’s, this time I ordered the safest item and the 1st item list listed on the menu … the Lindy’s Famous Original NY Cheesecake with Strawberry. $8.29 per slice below. There are other flavours like Cherry, Blueberry, Pineapple and Brownie and of course, the plain cheesecake. Strawberry is good … brownie, I am not sure.


I am not particularly fond of cheesecakes but I had never seen a more sinfully delicious looking cheesecake than this. This looked so nice that I hesitated a while to contemplate how I should attack this. Start at the edge? How to equally apply the glaze and whipped cream in perfect proportion to fork-chunk of cheesecake? LOL!

What I like the best about this is two things. One, it is tall for a cheesecake. It is about 1.5 inch tall. and the best part is that there is no crusty graham biscuit at the bottom — it is 100% complete cheesecake.


It was not as rich as it seems but really perfectly balance of sweetness and richness. You really got to taste it to know how consistently smooth this actually is.


I am going to measure all cheesecakes against this one I had in Lindy’s. Absolutely marvelous!

I wanted to buy some back at least on the last day of my trip and bring a box home for Suanne. A box costs $45. I don’t mind carrying it but while they had the foam boxes that day, they could not make the ice that will keep it cold to last about 12 hours from Lindy’s in NY to home in Richmond. Guess I gotta take Suanne here someday …

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  1. RobynT

    i think i know this place. it was near the hotel i stayed at in new york. eight dollars for a slice of cheesecake sounds expensive!!

  2. I love cheese cake! This looks really yummy. I missed this shop when I was there a couple of years ago. Don’t think I’d be in NYC in the near future ler…

    BTW, just hope by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. sally

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

    Oh and pass the cheesecake!! 😉

  4. bfmv580

    Went here the other day while in NYC. Absolutely amazing cheesecake. By far the best I’ve ever had. I really can’t describe how great it was, you just have to go and try it yourself.

  5. Allyson

    This cheese cake was the best I have ever had! Nothing compares! So worth eight dollars by the way.

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