New York CityPass Contest Results

bow_home_nyCongratulations to Christine Duncan for being the first entry with an all correct answer to chowtimes’ first (and hopefully not last) contest. Christine wins a pair of Winter Special New York CityPass.

Christine, I will send you an email later on today on claiming your prize.

A total 13 responses were recorded, which is pretty good for a start. As a matter of fact, the questions are so easy, everyone got it correct. So, it actually boiled down to who responded first. Christine’s response was received just 5 minutes after the questions were posted. In case you are wondering who responded when, here it is:


Anyway, I wanted to thank Susan Wilson from CityPass for sponsoring the contest tickets.

I think it’s kind of fun doing contests. So, I was doing a little thinking over the past couple of days. Here is what I am proposing but not sure if any sponsor will bite. I could do food reviews or restaurant reviews for any Richmond or Vancouver area restaurants. In return for a review on this blog, the restaurant or food sponsor will sponsor something in return for a contest. For example, I do a review of the restaurant, the restaurant will donate a dinner for two or something. Anyone interested to have chowtimes do a review? Just email us at

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