Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen Potluck Party 2007

The Gilmore Park Church community kitchen held a potluck party on the last meeting last year. It has become a tradition for the community kitchen to celebrate the last kitchen of the year with either potluck or eating out.

Jean, who is the leader of this kitchen, made a huge turkey for the potluck. She also demonstrated it in a small scale, i.e substituting the turkey with chicken. I will blog about the Roast Turkey in the next blog.

The members of this group presented a little gift to Jean as an appreciation of her good work.


Here are the food that we had during the potluck:


Jean’s Roast Turkey ….


… and the stuffing from the turkey.


Minoo made Cranberry Sauce from scratch.


Winnie made a very beautiful platter of salad of apples, potatoes, egg, carrot, celery, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, sweet corn, can tropical fruit cocktail and egg roes.


Rowena made a pasta with prawns and ham.


Florence made a prawn fried rice. I’m sure Nanzaro and Arkensen will enjoy this.


Tanni brought some phyllo quiche … bought from Costco.


Habiba brought egg rolls, one of my favourite Chinese New Year cookie, light and crumbly.


I made Cream Cheese Cup Cakes.


Rice Krispies Squares from the kitchen.


Biscotti compliment by Karen, the community kitchen chef.


Lorna brought Frozen Yogurt.


Landa brought mandarin oranges.

Last but not least, Heidi brought drinks. We had a great time and we wished everyone a joyful new year and see you ladies and gentleman in the new year.

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  1. Chrystal from Holland

    Ooh I’m getting pretty good ideas here what to make have in house for Chinese New Year… 😀

  2. Rosa

    I always come here hungry and leave even hungrier! Happy New Year Suanne!!

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