Horseshoe Cafe in Bellingham, WA

I am so behind in blogging these days. On the next few days I am going to blog on the places we visited about two months ago. Here is one entry from one of our shopping jaunts to Bellingham.

We had not warmed up to the idea to pay for a Nexus pass. It seems to be a lot of money of which we are not sure if we will use it all year round. So, instead, we would normally drive across the border at an unearthly time, before 6AM usually, just to beat the border lineups. We would have breakfast after we cross the border.


We just randomly picked a breakfast joint along Holly St and went to The Horseshoe Ranch Room Cafe. We had originally wanted to go to The Old Town Cafe which we knew was voted the best breakfast eatery in Whatcom County but they were closed.


The Ranch Room is just a simple 24-hour eatery. We noticed that we are about the one out-of-towners around. This caters a lot for the locals. We like that because we know such places will serve a really mean breakfast … breakfasts in Vancouver in comparison to the US, is so puny.

I guess there are not a lot of BC shoppers that venture to this part of Bellingham. Most BC shoppers will flock to the east of I-5 where all the big boxes are.


The coffee in the Ranch Room is not good — we did not enjoy it. I am so fussy about my coffee in the morning and so this is a bit disappointing. There are free refills though.


The Ranch Room’s German Hashbrown full serving costs $6.95. There were a lot of hash browns and I mean a LOT. It was a jumbled mess off hash browns and chunks of ham — not the prettiest of plates but really nice. There’s more than enough carbo on this to last us a full day.


We also got ourselves their Hotcakes Plus Egg. It was pretty cheap — just $4.99. There is nothing fancy about this except again it it too big for us small breakfast eaters. Suanne only managed to eat 1.

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  1. Pamela Krest

    I am sure the food was good but,if i was served hashbrowns that looked that messy, I would prolly of sent them back hahaha.
    I am old school I guess,I wouldn’t serve ppl food I wouldn’t eat myself.

  2. gigi

    To avoid the lines at the border, I go in the afternoon around 2pm instead. 🙂 But seeing your tasty breakfast blog is making me reconsider that decision next time!

  3. Jennifer

    Wow that was a lot of food!! I have to try this place someday! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not too much of a pancake fan but those look delicious. I can never eat more than one either, for some reason…just too much for me (and this is coming from a fan of cake! LOL!).

  4. Ayla

    I am from Bellingham, and you are correct, it does cater to locals mostly. The street people usually eat there. If you ever have the ability to have breakfast here again go to Skylarks in Fairhaven. It’s more expensive than the shoe, but SOO good. (when your at the shoe, don’t ever ever ever order a burger.)

  5. kenna

    As a Bellinghamster, I feel a need to say that the Ranchroom is actually the bar connected to the Horseshoe Cafe. The ‘Shoe itself is the eatery. One of my favorite breakfast spots is only two doors down from the Horseshoe Cafe, so if you get a chance to visit our fair town again, I recommend the Little Cheerful. It’s on the corner just up from the ‘Shoe, and while it might take a little while to get a seat, and it definitely does not have the hours the ‘Shoe (which is open 24/7) does, I feel it’s worth the wait.

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