Yee Sang in Metro Vancouver

We had a gathering among friends from Singapore and Malaysia today to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We had been meeting every year and these group of friends had been very much like family to us.

This year we gathered in Mark’s and Jess’ place where each family brought something for potluck. The planning for this gathering started a month before the Chinese New Year. This year we had TWO, not one, potlucks. One for during lunch time and the followed by a dinner steamboat (or better known as hot pot in Canada) out in the cold.

I just wanted to share the Yee Sang that we had. Yee Sang (sometimes spelt as Yusheng or Yuu Sahng) is a Chinese style fish salad. I think this is served and eaten during Chinese New Year only among Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. So, if you ask other Chinese about Yee Sang, they will give you a puzzled look! Yee Sang is served from the 7th to 15th day of Chinese New Year.


We had great fun today tossing the Yee Sang. It is an act called Low Sang (or Low Hei) which signifies abundance, prosperity and vigor for the new year. Here is how we did it today:


Now, I have never seen anywhere in Metro Vancouver where one could buy Yee Sang. Do you know of anywhere one sells it? Suanne had blogged about the recipe here before. Check it out if you want to see how this is made. The recipe is from our master Yee Sang chef, Jess Chim. Jess makes this and sells it by the “mai” (a “mai” is a serving for four people) and could deliver it to (almost) anywhere in the Lower Mainland. So, if you want to place an order for Yee Sang, just send her an email at

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  1. ts

    Hi Ben,

    I watched the video. So cool, hahaha. Everybody really *is* happy doing the toss! =D

  2. Ben

    Hi TS:
    No, they are not happy … they’re just drunk. 🙂

  3. Jacqueline Harrison

    Thank you for sharing how to make Yee Shang. I was in Reno the last lunar new year, it was really really boring. No one was celebrating and I made sure I am home in Singapore this time round!

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