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Bear with me for one more day. I have a few more things to share with all of you before I embark on the Office Lunches series proper. Yesterday, I showed you my desk. Today, I am going to show a bit around the office. I’ll stay off sensitive areas, of course.


Being an aviation systems company, there are lots of plastic plane models all over the office. We get them from the airlines we support. I wish I had one but I don’t. If there is one I really covet, it is the Singapore Airline’s Airbus 380. I guess I could buy one myself but they are really expensive, like $50 bucks or so.


The office has an almost great view from the north side of the building. I said almost because there is this two residential building that is blocking the view of the north shore mountains. I am proud of our north shore mountains because on a clear and bright day, the mountains never fail to make every new visitor to Vancouver drop their jaw.

The snow this year had been a lot more then the past previous years but I think we had seen the last of them already. I am so looking forward to spring and spending more time outdoors.


We have a small kitchenette, if you can call it a kitchenette. I don’t wanna complain but it is often quite messy. The sink always have dirty dishes, cups or cutlery in it. Most people are neat and cleans up after themselves but a handful does not. Let’s see, we have a fridge, a dishwasher, a kettle, a toaster, and two microwaves.

It’s quite well equipped but we keep on losing cutlery. We just had a brand new set a few months ago and what I can see now is a couple of spoons and forks. Some people must have stashed in in their desk and forgot about it.

Just a month ago, we found that someone had food in their drawer for months. It created a huge stink throughout the office when it was discovered and someone opened up the plastic bag containing the bad food. Yucks! Made me throw up.


We love our coffee machine — errr, espresso machine. I remembered that it was a big deal when this was first bought and how the previous boss raved over the fact it costs $2000. It is fully automatic … grinds the beans only when you want a brew and makes all kinds of coffee. The only thing this can’t do is to discard the ground coffee.


I used to have several cups a day and my favourite is the latte. I don’t drink coffee here anymore. Wanted to cut down on this stuff and have water instead.


The office is pretty good … well except for the washroom. Firstly there are only ONE stall for the men’s in the entire floor. I don’t know how they plan this at all. That is not my pet peeve.

My pet peeve is that the sensor is super-sensitive. It flushes by itself every time you twitch a muscle. It is supposed to flush only after use. You can imagine how annoying this is when it flushes five times doing your business. The splashes gets your bum quite wet too. You know what I mean.


Some smart alec (don’t know who) creatively stuck a “Windows Vista” logo on the sensor unit. I thought it was kind of funny.


There is a technique around not getting yourself flushed five times. I know it’s crude but it works.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about food … honest.

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  1. Mary Zhang

    Wow, did not know that Vancouver could get so much snow. I agree, a clean, spacious and private bathroom is the life saver for all the time we have to spend in the cubicles.

  2. Jessica

    LOL the Vista thing is very cute. That’s weird they only have one toilet! At my office we have 12 for the girls. We have to pay $1.23/cup for our coffee.

  3. LotusRapper

    LOL, Ben for posting a pic of your office toilet !!

    Maybe you’re straying off the food topic a bit far ?

  4. ts

    Did you steam the milk yourself for your lattes of old? Steaming milk is super fun! ;D

    Haha, toilet.
    Haha, toilet.
    Haha, toilet.

    =D Hey, at least it’s clean! Or looks it, at least.

  5. Emily

    I really miss snow, we don’t have any here in Paris and it is just so lovely and peaceful, tks

  6. Ron C.

    I do that too with the toilet paper – especially when you read studies on the aerosolization of toilet bowl contents when flushed. That would end up on your bum. Ewww..

  7. LotusRapper

    You know, we REALLY ought to get back to talk about food …………

  8. Ben

    Hi TS: The machine can steam milk. So, I make it a point to steam the milk before adding in the espresso.

  9. Jennifer

    Our main office has some pretty nice kitchenettes on each floor. The building I work on has a really REALLY small kitchenette for an office of over 50 people. It’s hard to get in and out of it! I can’t keep the coffee coming any faster though. I went on break today and made a pot of coffee and after it brewed like 3 people came and filled up and almost the entire pot was gone! I had to make another before I left. LOL!

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