Office Lunches: French Twists, Beef Jerky and Banana

This may come to you as a shock but really, this is what I normally have for “lunch” almost everyday. People in my office do at times is a bit taken aback at what I had. I generally snack throughout the day. Suanne will prep different things for me every morning before I go to work.

So, breakfasts and lunches are generally light for me.


For this day, I had French Twists, beef jerky and a banana. I start snacking normally at about 10AM when I start feeling hungry. I’ll have a twist, followed by a piece of jerky and hour later and then the banana …


We bought the French Twists from Costco. It comes in two flavours and it’s sweet and light. This seems like a healthy snack from the packaging. I like it … it’s tasty.


Here are some words from the founder we found on their site:

At the age of 42, I suffered a major heart attack. After bypass surgery, my doctors instructed me to limit my cholesterol intake, to exercise more, and to stay within the Heart Association’s recommended diet. To stay committed to a healthier lifestyle, my diet needed some excitement. As a sweet lover, I searched for a treat that I could enjoy without guilt. After months of experimentation, the Original French Twist was born. Layer upon layer of puff pastry dough sprinkled with cinnamony sweet goodness. The only things we have left out are cholesterol, eggs, butter, and yeast.


The French Twist can be frozen in their bag if desired. Just let them defrost to room temperature before eating.


We had blogged about this beef jerky before. This one came from Polly who often gives us packets of Jerkies to try. You know, I don’t think we had ever bought Soo Jerkies before and all the jerkies we had was from Polly. The most popular jerkies in Vancouver is Soo Jerkies which has a factory in Richmond near Steveston.


Banana is a great source of Vitamin C and fiber. We always had a bunch of banana at home. It’s not always eaten and when it gets too ripe, Suanne uses that for baking. Most bananas that we have in Canada is from Ecuador who is the largest exporter of bananas in the world. Ecuador supplies a whopping 30% of the world’s export market.

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