Office Lunches: English Muffins, Fruit Parfaits and Krispy Fruits

This office selection is a bit more filling. At least there is a sandwich. You will notice that Suanne generally packs my snacks and lunches in threes. I think the constant is always a snack and something fruity.


For lunch today it is another Krispy Fruit snack, a Dole Fruit Parfaits and something I look forward to, a English Muffin Sandwich.


We bought the English Muffin Sandwiches from Costco. We had been buying a lot of these kind of microwaveable lunches from Costco in Bellingham. The selection in the Costco in the US is more wider than what we find in the Costco in Vancouver.


The English Muffin Sandwiches cames in a box of ten and in two flavours:

  • Bacon, Egg and Cheese
  • Sausage, Egg and Cheese

Each of them had 390 calories. So, it was not too bad, I guess. It is equivalent to McDonald’s McMuffin breakfast sandwiches.


The microwave instructions is quite complicated. There are quite a number of steps. Here are the steps:

  1. Remove sandwich from wrapper.
  2. Separate the meat and egg from the rest of the sandwich and heat:
    • For Sausage & Egg: 80 seconds.
    • For Bacon & Egg: 50 seconds.
  3. Place the meat and egg back in the sandwich between the cheese slices and English muffins.
  4. Microwave for another 35 seconds.
  5. Turn sandwich over and microwave for another 35 seconds.


Despite the multi-step instructions, the result was pretty good and taste almost like Mickey D’s Mc Muffins. It is not at all dry and was pretty moist. I like it.


For dessert, it was the Dole Fruit Parfaits. It has real fruit on top of a smooth layer of deliciously light creme. The cream layer taste like vanilla yogurt.


I love the Krispy Fruit tubes from Krispy Kernels. They have a good variety of nuts and fruits. Again, we bought these in Costco. I munch on them all morning long and does a good job of staving away the hunger pangs until lunch time.

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  1. Windy

    You know Ben, I’ve been wondering what people bring for their lunch as I found that it’s not cheap to buy lunch nowadays. However, I’m a bit surprise to learn that you are a snack person.

  2. David

    I too am somewhat surprised to see you would purchase the snacks. I have followed you for years now and know that you know what real food is.

    Please tell me it is not true…

  3. Ron C.

    In terms of the quick frozen lunch food (or even dinner in a pinch), the Stouffer’s “Bistro” line of pasta dishes is very good. There’s a chicken pesto, a ravioli and a pasta with meatballs. On sale, they are about $2.99 each (Shoppers Drug Mart currently has them on sale at their locations with groceries, that’s a full dollar less than Save-on-Foods’ $3.99 sale price).

    Otherwise, toss some lettuce into a plastic container and take a small can of the Cloverleaf flavoured tuna and put it on top of the lettuce – Spicy Thai Chili or Sun-Dried Tomato and Oregano are the best ones.

  4. WendyWings

    Those Dole parfaits are pretty good, I got some for my six year old however she didn’t like them and I ended up having to eat them all lol.

  5. McMick

    Actually mcmuffins are 300 calories so you’re saving calories if you go to McD’s 🙂

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