Office Lunches: T&T in Metrotown


I see I had busted some myth about myself with this series on Office Lunches. Oh yeah, David … it is true … I eat these stuff and they are not bad too.


I had planned to run after work again sometime last week. So Suanne gave me a bowl noodle soup to bring to work. She threw in a mandarin orange and sesame snaps. I don’t quite like this bowl noodle but at least it is convenient.


I like Mandarin oranges and like it more than any other type of oranges. Tell me how you eat this. For me, I pick off every single vine and split the segments. It is Chinese New Year season and we see a lot of these in the Asian stores these days. BTW, did you know that China produces half of the world’s supply of mandarin oranges?


I’ll be having sesame snaps for a long time to come. Suanne just bought a big box of it and from the looks of it, it will last us at least a couple of months. I would think it is pretty healthy, after all sesame seed does have calcium and some nutrition. Taste wise, it is quite sweet. Actually it is more sweet than it is sesame.

You can get this in pretty every store and price wise, there are very little else that can beat sesame snaps. You will find it many times in the check out counters.


Well, I did not eat the bowl of noodle soup. Grant asked if I wanted to go out for lunch and seeing that I am running today, I thought why not since too I have no meetings for the rest of the day. It’s good to get out once in a while.

I reasoned that at least if I eat more than usual today, I’ll burn them off during the run. That way I don’t have to feel so guilty. We went across Kingsway to Metrotown. Hey, I heard that Metrotown is the second largest mall in Canada, is that right?


We decided to check out the new food section in the T&T supermarket. This place used to be a small food court until T&T took over this place and made it a to-go food court. If you have never been here before, you absolutely must check it out. Although you see T&T’s all over Metro Vancouver, this place is simply the biggest of them all and no where else beats them in terms of variety.

Although most people buy them to-go, there is a small section for people who choose to eat-in.


I bought myself a BBQ Mackerel Lunch Box. I absolutely dig this stuff. And it costs only $4.99. I like the way the rice is cooked, not soggy but dry. That piece of mackerel too was a tad too dry but otherwise quite tasty. On the sides were carrots, eggs, rolls and some vermicelli.

You know what is the secret ingredient here? It’s the Kikoman Soy Sauce, I kid you not. There are no better soy sauce than Kikoman’s and at home, I insist on buying only Kikoman’s sauce. T&T gives only 1 pack of the soy sauce. Additional ones are 10 cents each … that is daylight robbery, if you ask me. Soy sauce should be free, just like ketchup in a burger joint.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Hey Ben,

    I almost went to T&T today, but it was nice out and I decided to walk over to Akasuka Sushi across the street for my favorite pork katsu lunch:

    The T&T hot deli is ok IF you get there early and the foods are hot and fresh, not sitting for hours soaking in grease. I actually avoid the hot deli 99% of the time, but opt for the 1- or 2-item BBQ with rice for $5-6. They give you some mixed veggies no extra charge. While their BBQ meats aren’t Chinatown quality, I like the sausages (“siu cheong”) and am happy to have it as a 1-item meat plus rice and the aforementioned veggies.

    Oh one of the best things about T&T are their fresh & hot steamed buns. For $1 each they are excellent portable lunch that’s actually fairly healthy (considering other fast food alternatives). Six or seven varieties to choose from, can’t go wrong !

  2. Jessica

    That is so wrong that they charge for soy sauce! My favorite place in Metro is U-Grill. Always get the black bean sauce.

  3. EJ

    T&T metrotown’s one of the best outlet and very crowded during the weekends. There is also a Dim Sum section.

  4. David

    Well, I guess I must confess. After the 12 hour flights from Rome Raffaella and I have a greasy burger, chili cheese dog and tea at Sonic. While at home, at least once every two weeks, we get “fat mexican” translated means burito, tacos and nachos with chili and cheese. Ok… I have confessed… I feel better LOL!

  5. Ron C.

    Charging for soy sauce? That’s crazy!

    I eat the Nongshim Kim Chi bowl noodles at work a lot if I stay late. I usually add a can of plain tuna to it (or other meat (roast pork, etc.) if I have any handy). They used to have two packets inside – one of dried kim chi and one of flavouring powder – but they have changed it so it is just the flavouring powder. I think they also used to have a dumpling-like wafer in them at one time (a thin dough slice with a pink spiral)- but thos disappeared from the package too.

  6. Emily

    Excellent lunch, you should get out everyday because this is really interesting and honestly, it’s fish and rice and even including that delicious looking mandarine I can’t see how that is fattening.


  7. Jennifer

    Hi Ben & Suanne! Where did you guys buy the the Seasame Snaps? Did you get those in Bellingham at the Costco? I’m just curious because I used to love those as a kid.

    Ben, good for you for taking up running. I really REALLY need to get to a gym and start watching myself more closely. I’ve always been a large girl, but now my weight is starting to creep up on me and it’s not pretty.

    Can I just say that Metrotown looks like a FUN place to go to?

  8. Ben

    Hi Jennifer: We got the Sesame Snaps from Costco Bellingham. And as for Metrotown, well, it’s like a bigger version of Bellis Fair Mall to me!

  9. Jennifer

    I will definitely look for the snaps when I’m there next! Thanks.

    Have you guys been down to the outlets in Burlington? I was a bit disappointed, we went down there yesterday, but I think I’ll hit that Cascade Mall next. It’s HUGE. Bellis Fair bores me!

  10. Ben

    Hi Jennifer:
    We had been to the outlets in Burlington. It was quite OK, nothing to shout about. The last time we were there a few weeks ago we saw a few shops had just closed. I am surprised because if at anytime, I would figure that it would open more shops because of all the Canadian shoppers these days. Go further down south to Marysville, that outlet mall is the best.

  11. magan patel

    I hear that you have toro root at $0.69/lbs on Friday 7, 2008. Is it true? Please let me know before Noon. Thanks.

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