Office Lunches: New York Deli Style Philly Cheesesteak, Sesame Snaps and Dole Fruit Bowl

I don’t really care much about lunch. I know I should have proper lunches but I really cannot stomach a full lunch everyday. Even with all the running that I am doing these days, my weight would still hover around the 4 kg overweight region. I know what the real problem is … I pig out during the weekends.


For today’s lunch, the appetizer was sesame snaps, the entree was the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and dessert was the Dole fruit bowl.


I had sesame snaps yesterday too. That is the big problem about shopping in Costco. Almost everything we buy comes in bulk packaging and that means that we end up eating the same stuff for a while.


We came across the Raybern New York Deli Style Hot Sandwich while shopping in (where else?) Costco. It came in very bright and delightful packaging that one cannot miss. We bought the Philly Cheesesteak but they also have others such as:

  1. Pastrami and cheese
  2. Italian Chicken Club
  3. Chipotle Southwest Steak
  4. Chicken Bacon Ranch

Preparing this is simple … just pop it into the microwave and it’s all ready.


There are six in a box and each sandwich carries 420 calories. It was much much better than I expected form frozen deli sandwiches. As a matter of fact, it really tastes like the real stuff although texture-wise, I could really tell that this is not freshly made. As a frozen sandwich, I’ll rate this 4.5 of 5. I am not sure if they do have this in Costco Canada though, as we got it from Bellingham, WA.


I enjoy the Dole Fruit Bowl. They come on several types. The one I had was mandarin oranges. I am amazed how they managed to peel the membrane off so cleanly. I am pretty sure the membranes are removed mechanically because if they were done by hand, it would not be that perfect and would have costs a lot more.

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  1. Emily

    Hi Ben and this is perhaps going to blow my whole lunchblog to kingdom come but perhaps not being a “lunch person” is a good idea.

    I’ve just found the warrior diet (do a google search and you will find it too). No breakfast, very little lunch and then eat what you want for dinner. I’m actually trying it out and I must admit I have a lot more energy in the afternoon…

  2. WendyWings

    I would spend the rest of the day worried I had sesame seeds between my front teeth LOL

  3. JellyBelly

    Do you remember how much the sandwiches cost?

  4. Ben

    Hi Jelly Belly:
    The box of 6 sandwiches are $7.99.

  5. JellyBelly

    Thanks Ben. I think I will have to check out the Costco in the States when I go down there..looks like they have a lot of very different items for sale.

  6. vicky

    actually, i’ve heard that canned or preserved mandarin oranges are boiled in some type of acid so the skin will disintegrate, because it’ll turn bitter after awhile if it stays on

  7. palestine

    These raybern philly cheesz steaks come individually UNFROZEN, just refrigerated, MUCH MUCH BETTER. They are $2.50 a piece at the walmart where I get them and they are delicious! Almost as good as one from an average pizza joint (not Athens of course). But not quite enough meat, but if you buy 2 it’s the same price and then you can just throw away the bread with one of them and put the meat in the other.

    Great stuff, and good value.

    Also recommend the UNFROZEN spicy chicken, really good, comes with pepperjack cheesz, both heat up in under a minute in my microwave on power level 8.

  8. palestine

    Oh the best diff between these and other brands especially frozen is the bread does not get as hard if you let it sit fo ra coouple minutes, many times stays nice and soft. but i throw half the bread away anyway, cos of the carbs and white bread turns to straight up sugar.

  9. palestine

    spicy chiken only 2 bucks! tastes great!

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