Campbell’s Chunky Sirloin Burger Soup, Pringles, and Mandarin Oranges

How much time do you spend for office lunches anyway? I have been wondering ever since I started writing this series. Do you bring lunch from home or do you go out to eat? In my office, it is split 50/50, despite the convenience of the office location to all kinds of eating places. I can’t think of anywhere other than Kingsway/Metrotown that has such a concentration of restaurants in the Lower Mainland.


Suanne packed for me a small cup of Pringles, a mandarin orange and a Campbell Chunky Soup. Looking at the Campbell soup, I knew it will be a filling lunch.


Well, bet not many people know that Pringles are made by a shampoo company. The unique saddle shaped snacks are recognized world wide and comes in dozens of regional flavours. They are well known for their packaging in tubes but of late, they are now selling it in smaller canisters. I think it’s because of the recent trend to consume lesser of such unhealthy snack.


Suanne bought the Chunky Sirloin Burger soup from Safeway when they had a 2 for $5 promotion. Oh yeah, Suanne is a coupon clipper. Anyway, she thinks that you can actually get the same price from Real Canadian Superstore at their regular price.


Campbell’s is famous for their soup and it goes without saying that they are the world’s largest soup manufacturer. Their Chunky brand is their flagship product. Most of them comes in cans but the one I had is different … it came in microwaveable bowls. Can’t beat this convenience … just pull the lid off and microwave.

I’ve always enjoyed this a lot.


BTW, the weather in Vancouver had been very good lately. The rain’s gone and we have been having warmer weather. Earlier this week, the entire city was enveloped in mist in the morning. It is beautiful don’t you think?

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  1. Crigg

    Sirloin Burger is so good! pretty nutritious too…..

  2. Jessica

    Yes it’s a beautiful day! It just seems like everyone is so much happier today…probably because of the great weather.

  3. nhbilly

    Going out to lunch typically cost me about $10-$15 a day. I figure if I make myself dinner I would have enough for lunch the next day which would ring in about $30 bucks for dinner and lunch for the whole week feeding myself and my wife, of course I can cook about 2 meals for $30. I made lasagna and chilly for this week. Keep up the great work…

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