Office Lunches: Roasted Chicken Leg, Mandarin Orange and Doritos Nacho Cheese

You know … I am beginning to think that this series on Office Lunches are getting to be boring! So, I am going to try to speed up by making two postings today.

Today’s lunch is more protein and something I have a problem with. Well, it has to do with left over food.


Suanne packed a mandarin orange, a packet of supposedly healthier Doritos and a day old roast chicken thigh. It does look totally charred from this picture, doesn’t it?

The mandarin orange was really fresh and juicy. Buying mandarin oranges is so much a hit and miss for us. We had no way of really telling how fresh the orange is sometimes. This one was fresh and you know why? When I peel off the skin, I got a bit of the juice squished in my face.


We got the roasted chicken from Costco. I bet you notice that almost all supermarket chains where they sell an entire roasted chicken for something like $8 or so. You find it everywhere, in Safeway, Safe-On-Foods, and Superstore. I think I know why all these stores sell these roast chicken and why they are so cheap. I really do think that it’s a way for these supermarkets to sell chicken which is almost past their due date. Instead of throwing away unsold chicken, they roast it on premises and sell it cheaply. You think my theory is right?


I had never quite like Doritos. What’s your favourite chips? I like the ones called Kettle-something. I can’t recall the name but will recognize the packaging when I see it. I like Lays too. Doritos, well, is not quite my favourite. The only reason I had that is because Suanne picked that because the packaging said Zero Trans Fat and 100 calories.

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  1. Jessica

    You’re wrong on the chicken theory! When I was in highschool I worked in the deli department of superstore (worst job ever! only stayed the summer!). My job was the chickens every morning. They were NEW boxes of fresh chickens from Sunrise Poultry. What they do is dust them with a paprika mix of spices, tie them, shove them on the spits, put in the oven for an hour and a half. The trick is to always grab a chicken from the back of the display unit because those are the freshest. They use the day old chickens that didn’t sell for their deli products like salads and sandwiches. I never really thought the prep area was sanitary though so that may have something to do with the funny taste.

  2. ts

    Actually, Costco’s roast chicken is far tastier than the regular supermarket ones. I’m not sure about Save-On, but the Safeway ones are so bad! Dry and tasteless. I’m OK with the Costco ones. =)

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