Stouffer’s Smoked Turkey Club Panini, Asian Pear and Cheese on Crackers

Today’s lunch has a cheesy theme to it.


What I had was an Asian Pear, some cheese on crackers and for the first time ever, Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Panini.


Of all types of fruits, I love the Asian Pear. I think sometimes this is called the Ya Pear or the Chinese Pear … or even the Korean Pear … or perhaps the Japanese Pear. I think the Asian pear is the most apt name.

One thing that somewhat surprises me is that most white Canadians does not eat this at all. Maybe it’s just my perception from the fact that the few people I talked to about this had NOT eaten this before. This has very high water content and is lightly sweet.


We came across some bread crisps in the stores that reminded us of the cheese platter we had in Gastropod recently. Suanne gave me some Tillamook Pepperjack cheese (my fav). The moist cheese turned the bread crisp all soggy.Lesson learned … separate the cheese from the bread crisp next time.


The biggest surprise is the Smoked Turkey Club Panini. It was absolutely delicious and simply the best I had ever had. This panini is part of Stouffer’s range of product called the Corner Bistro.

It came with what they called a revolutionary grilling tray which I think is what makes the difference. During the grilling in the microwave, it smells nice. It is a bit greasy though. The texture was great and does not taste at all like most other frozen sandwiches. 360 calories.

Highly recommended … very highly recommended.


On the inside of the box, are instructions on how one could redeem for rewards.


I logged in … there is nothing much to it. You could redeem for a shelf stereo system, a portable DVD player or a $100 Amazon gift card. I could not be bothered. I probably need to eat dozens of these Paninis to stand a ghost of a chance to win any of these stuff.

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  1. akwok

    Great site, I’ve been following it for a while now. I just have a small request — since the last migration to this new blogging system, all of the image thumbnails have become jagged. Is there any way to force it to use a different type of interpolation when you embed the images into the blog?

  2. Ben

    Hi Akwok:
    Thanks for the feedback. I did not notice until you mention it. It looked OK on my notebook but now that you brought that to my attention, the pix does look jagged on my home monitor. You see, we used to host our own pix (which as you might imagine requires a lot of bandwidth with the amount of traffic we get). So, we thought of hosting the pix on PicasaWeb and then embedding it to our site. I’ll do some research on this and will fix it. It’ll take some time because there are quite a lot of loose ends we still have not tied up yet since we migrated to WordPress.
    I appreciate your feedback … thanks!

  3. Jennifer

    Oh, I love Asian pears! My dad’s ex-girlfriend (she is Chinese) introduced me to them when I was pregnant with my daughter. I haven’t had one in years, but we used to get them at the Monterey Farmer’s Market in California all the time! Yum!

    I was wondering how those microwavable paninis were, they just seem like they would get soggy in the microwave.

  4. Ben

    Hi Akwok: I think had had figured out a way to remove the jaggedness from the pictures. Check the posting on “The Boss in Metrotown”.

  5. akwok

    Thanks Ben! It looks great now — keep up the good work! 🙂

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