Office Lunches: Nazook Armenian Pastry, Krispy Fruit and Asian Pear

OK, I admit. I am mighty bored now with this series on office lunches. After a while, they all look the same. So, this weekend, I am going to post all of it and be done with office lunches. He he he … Suanne is so annoyed because she had not prepared her posts yet. She thought that she still have a few more blog-free days.


There is something new for lunch today. Suanne found some new type of pastry called Nazook. I don’t think it’s really called Nazook but it’s a brand name. More about that later.


I think you would have seen this several times already. I like this snack as a pack is more than enough to stave off hunger. There are three different types … this one is called Island Mix and contains 230 calories. Anyone know why this is called Island Mix?


All I know is that the pastry above is a sort of an Armenian pastry. We got this from Costco and the packaging just said that it’s Nazook. It was quite doughy, dry-ish and somewhat dense but otherwise sweet. It was recommended that it’s best microwaved for 20 seconds to soften it a bit. It is just fine eating it without microwaving it. Each small piece contain a whopping 290 calories.

I am hoping someone can share with me about Armenian culture and pastries. I did some research and apparently it is a custom in the Armenian culture that visitors are almost always offered coffee and pastry.

11 thoughts on “Office Lunches: Nazook Armenian Pastry, Krispy Fruit and Asian Pear

  1. Love that you found Nazook! They are quite tasty! The Costco version is pretty decent (if you can even find them still), but if you are looking for homemade Nazook, I have an Etsy shop and we make homemade Persian pastries (including Nazook) fresh to order from scratch using a family recipe that has been perfected. You can find our Nazook online at

  2. Where can I get nazook? I love it, but CostCo does not carry anymore. I am in Shoreline, but will go anywhere I can to find some!! It’s fantastic……………… thanks

    • I found some just last week at the Costco in Covington, and I’ve continued to see them at the store in Tukwila, WA. I know that’s a hefty drive but they are still out there.

      • Thanks — I will fill another request for them to be back in the Shoreline store. I guess CostCo supposedly reads these request forms, so we’ll see. Thanks for letting me know about Covington & Tukwila.

      • I also want nazooks I did find them at Costco but then they stopped selling them. They are by Franz bakery which sells to Costco. Can they be bought from the supplier? Please let me know. Thanks

  3. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the name is NAZOOK…and it is so good but I prefer the little ones that are half the size of the ones you have.

  4. Hello~ I just came across your site when I searched Nazook! I am Armenian and you are right…whenever we have guests we bring out our coffee and pastries! Food is very important in the Armenian culture and when we love to share it with our guests~

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