Office Lunches: The Boss Restaurant in Metrotown

Fridays had always been a good time to go out for lunch for some reason. Two Fridays ago, I went out for lunch with my friends from my old workplace. I am glad that even after having left the company for more than 2 years now, I am still remembered.


Since, I am eating out, Suanne just packed grapes and a handful of prawn cracker for me. I still need my snacks.


The Boss Restaurant is located inside the Metrotown mall. It is located near Zellers in case you want to know where exactly it is in the large mall. The Boss is basically a HK-Style restaurant and is almost always busy.

Wait times could be very lengthy during lunch time and more so since it is a Friday afternoon. We had a total of 12 people and since I was the nearest to the restaurant, I went there earlier to book a table. The wait was 30 minutes which was not too bad.


We had to split up to two separate tables since it is quite next to impossible to get so many people seated together seeing how busy it was that day. We talked about table setting and that Asians tables normally have a spoon and a fork while for other Canadian restaurants, it is common to have only fork and knife.

Even after so many years in Canada, I still prefer just spoon and fork as it is more practical when it come to rice. I can use a fork for rice but it feels odd to me. Asians normally eat with the spoon and uses the fork to help scoop food onto the spoon.


On our table we had six people and decided to just order four different dishes to share. The chow mein was served on a hot pan. For those of you who had never tried this before, this is like having two fried noodles in one. The noodles are by itself crunchy and after a while when the sauce get soaked through the noddles, they get soften … giving an entirely different texture.


The Grilled Pork Chop with Onion is a delight to those who had never tried it before. This is always served in a very very hot pan. You have a choice of sauces which you pour over the food into the pan giving a real sizzle which if you are not careful, you could get sauce splatter on your clothes. It came with a sides of either rice or spaghetti.

I would not say that this is great but it sure is fun, especially for those who had never had this before. $9.50 is quite a good deal.


The Seafood Congee costs $5.75. Congee is considered a poor man’s food. In many parts of Asian long time ago when rice are scarce, people do make congee by adding more water to make a bigger meal.


The Love Bird Fried Rice is sort of an uncommon-common food you see in some Cantonese restaurants. Underneath it is the normal fried rice but over it, there are two types of sauces … poured over in the shape of ying-yang. I had absolutely no idea what the sauces are. They are quite good.

Overall, it was a pretty fun lunch out. I get kicks out of introducing food to people who had not had this before. I think everyone liked it. We split the bill and it came out to $8.50 each for the five of us at the table.

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  1. akwok

    We hardly ever order the ‘yin-yang’ rice anymore because most of us just prefer the white cream side — noone else eats the orange!

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