Office Lunches: Blount Lobster Bisque and Mandarin Orange

OK, home run. This is the last of the series on office lunches … and so glad it is over! After a while, everything is just the same thing over and over again. But still I hope you all enjoyed it.


Today, I had the Blount Lobster Bisque and a mandarin orange. The container looked big which later I found out that it was not really meant for 1 person. There is enough to easily serve 2-3 people.


Preparing this is simple. Just pop it into the microwave for 5-6 minutes. It was really hot coming out from the oven. I did not realize how hot it was despite the caution on the lid. I almost drop the entire bowl onto the floor. If it happened it would have been a complete mess and the worse thing is I would have to clean it all up myself … at home, Suanne is in charge of cleaning up spills … he he he.


It was later at home I realized that it was meant for more than 1 person. That whole bowl I finished off contained a whopping 380 x 5 calories … 1900 calories!


Despite that, the Lobster Bisque is absolutely delicious. It is as good as you will find it anywhere. And they have real lobster meat too, or at least it tastes and looked like real lobster. Really nice … you can buy it from Costco (Bellingham for sure but not sure if this is in Canada).

Back to normal programming tomorrow.

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  1. Dee

    That’s so funny you didn’t realize it was 5 portions

  2. Ben

    Interesting book, Jamie. That might be a tad too boring, doing a series of what I ate in a day. Trust me!

  3. Pedro

    You didn’t eat 5 servings(1900 calories)
    You ate 2.5 (950 calories)

    The entire package (both cups) is 5 servings.

    But I must agree with you, Blount makes great soups!

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