Hand Made Noodle

Ming shared with us how to make noodle from scratch. She shared with us on how to make dumpling skin earlier. Hand made noodle is fresh and chewy. It does not any ‘gan sui’ taste in it compare with those store bought ones.


A bowl of hand made noodle is comfort food.


  • all purpose flour
  • cold water

Click on the link below for the instructions.


IMG_3862Ming started off with placing the flour on the counter. She made a well in the center and gradually add cold water into the well while mixing in the flour from outside to the center. Add enough water to form a dough and knead the dough until it’s smooth. Cover the dough with saran wrap and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes. This is quite similar to making the dumpling skin except that in making the dumpling skin, she used warm water instead of cold water in making noodle.
IMG_3869Once the dough has rested, divide the dough into smaller pieces. Flatten the dough and wrap the flatten dough with a rolling pin to roll the the dough into a thin sheet. This is the traditional way of making noodle.
IMG_3875This is the thin sheet of dough being rolled out from the rolling pin. Lightly dust some flour on the dough.
IMG_3886Fold the sheet into multiple layers.
IMG_3901Use a dough cutter or cleaver to cut the multiple layers into thin strips.
IMG_3879Loosen the strips and you’ll get nice long strand of noodles. Cook the noodles in boiling water until al-dante. Nothing beats home made noodles which is made out of love.

Ming, thank you for sharing with us again.

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  1. Lee Ping

    Looks simple enough for me to try. None of that dividing into noodle strips in the air. 🙂 My challenge is to figure out how to adapt this recipe to my pasta machine.

  2. shockr

    Hey Ben. I lived in Shanghai for several years and used to go eat the “shou la mian” (hand pulled noodles). Does your friend or anyone else know the recipe for that and/or how to make/pull it??

  3. Windy

    Wow! I never thought that making noodles only need two ingredients! Need to try it.

  4. Windy

    Hi Suanne, I tired to make my own noodles the other day. Everything seemed all right until I cooked them – the first half of my noodles became horrible so I had to throw them away. When I cooked the second half, I only cooked them for a minute or two and picked them up, rinsed them with cold water. However, they were still sticked together and I had to unstick them before I stir-fry them. I wonder, have I done something not right?

  5. suanne

    Hi Windy, the fresh made noodle does not need to be cooked too long unlike those dried pasta. Your first batch was likely overcooked. To prevent the noodle from sticking, you have to gently stir while boiling and a large pot of water will help too. Hand made noodle tends to have more starch as you have to dust them with flour while cutting them into strips.

    After cooking, perhaps you can rinse them in running cold water to wash off the excess starch (we call this ‘gor larng hor’ in Cantonese). In addition, you can drizzle a little oil on the noodle and toss them after you strain the noodle to prevent them from sticking.

    I hope the few pointers above help.

  6. LotusRapper

    When cooking any type of noodles/pasta whether raw or dry, always use the biggest stock pot you have, with LOTS of water (apparently cold tap water is best, don’t use hot tap water). Then add lots of salt (as if you are making a brine solution) but only AFTER the water comes to full rolling boil.

  7. LotusRapper

    Darn I forgot to say, go buy one of those Chinese large noodle scooper thingey (T&T, Chinatown, Ming Wo, etc). They help you stir the noodles (or anything delicate you boil) gently in the water and makes it a cinch to scoop and drain the water.

  8. Windy

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll try again.

  9. jb

    wow this looks simple and fun. i love cooking spending time cooking good food. but i don’t like spending more then a half hour for prep.but even if this does take a while it looks fairly simple. i remember one time i had homemade noodles just like tht. i was at my friends house and her mother made the best tasting noodles i have ever had. and it was made like this i believe. im going to have to try it out for dinner tonight.

  10. tpe

    the ingredients are simple, and instructions are simple on paper.

    the above oversimplifies the kneading though, which is prob where the bulk of the work/”skill” is. you really got to work that dough properly if you want to have noodles with right texture. simply kneading flour and water into a dough will not give you good quality noodles. some folks add other stuff into the mix to reduce the effort required here, but in old style flour and water is all it really takes.

    tad difficult to express on paper, best way is to get a feel for the dough through experience.

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