Cafe In in Vancouver

Updated: 3rd Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed according to

Polly and I met again for coffee. I found this Cafe In from a Chinese Food Magazine. It has two locations in Vancouver, one at 5707 Balsam St and another in 3335 W. 4th Ave. We went to the one on 4th Ave.


There are banners with the words ‘Award-winning Intelligentsia Coffees on the store front of this cafe. I wonder what it means?


When we walked into this cafe, we noticed there are many signs of Godiva chocolates. First of all, there are two wall shelves loaded with Godiva chocolates.


There is this gold mosaic mural on the wall which represent Godiva’s divine chocolate. The logo was inspired by the popular legend. It tells of the persistent Lady Godiva who rode naked in order to persuade her husband to abolish his onerous taxation of Coventry. This mosaic mural is also found in the washroom but in silver.


We like the simple and yet cozy interior deco. Potted plants are placed at strategic locations which brings some freshness and liveliness to the interior.


I also like these mosaic pieces of coffee art and cup and saucer. It brings out the mood for a cup of coffee.

We ordered three items to go with our drinks.


A blueberry scone, which is a bit on the dry side. I would love to have some fruit jam to go with it.


A chocolate filled pastry, flaky and soft.


A chicken samosa which is served with some plum jam. This is slightly spicy.


Polly ordered a Cafe Mocha.


I ordered a Godiva Hot Chocolate since this place is a Godiva outlet. Frankly, I seldom drink hot chocolate but this one is smooth and chocolaty.

The bill came up to $13.39.

This is a great place for a cup of coffee and chit chat with a friend. It’s quiet and cozy.

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  1. angel van

    godiva hot chocolate is some of the best hot chocolate. i don’t know if there are barnes and noble up in canada but in some of the stores that have starbucks, they also serve the godiva hot chocolate there. the chocolate pastry looks very similar to a couple places chocolate croissant that i have seen before.

  2. Rukya, London

    Samosas in a coffee shop? Bizarre. The whole world’s gone Indian!

  3. JellyBelly

    Intelligentsia is a coffee roasting company out of Chicago. I guess they have won some awards..I’ve never tried it though.

  4. Jamie

    If you liked the Intelligentsia coffee, you should try it at Wicked Cafe, and ask for the Kido.

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