Hokkien Mee

During the Chinese New Year gathering as featured in the Yee Sang blog, I learned how to make Hokkien Mee from Jessica, the host of the gathering. Hokkien Mee is a very much missed noodle dish from Malaysia. Jessica made some very nice Hokkien Mee and she always gets requests from this group of Malaysian/Singaporean friends to make this dish during our gatherings.


Hokkien Mee is a noodle dish made from thick yellow noodles and fried in pork fat and dark soy sauce. The fried pork fat gives the crunch to this dish and you simple cant find any restaurants in Vancouver which will cook this dish the authentic way. I guess the reason is Vancouverites are very health conscious.


  • thick yellow noodle, soaked in hot water to soften and remove access oil
  • pork belly
  • pork liver
  • prawns
  • Choy Sum, a kind of Chinese greens
  • few cloves of garlic, chopped
  • thick dark soy sauce or cooking caramel
  • soy sauce
  • oyster sauce


Click on the link below for the instructions.


IMG_3789First of all, cut out the fats from the pork belly and reserve the lean meat for later use. Fry the pork fat until all the fats are rendered, leaving some crispy bits. You really need to air-rate your kitchen when you do this.
IMG_3782Use some the fats rendered from the pork belly to stir fry the chopped garlic.
IMG_3784Once the garlic is fragrant, add in the lean portion of the pork belly which has been sliced. Stir fry until the pork is half cooked.
IMG_3786Add in a few tablespoons of cooking caramel and let the heat to infuse the caramelization into the sauce. Also add in some soy sauce and oyster sauce for flavoring.
IMG_3787Add in the choy sum and stir fry until half wilt.
IMG_3790Next, add in the prawns and cooked until lightly pink.
IMG_3796Add in the noodles and more cooking caramel for the coloring. Mix well. Add some water if its too dry.

Cover and let simmer for a few minutes.

IMG_3801When it’s almost done, add in the pork liver as it cooks very quickly. Over cooking the liver will makes it tough.
IMG_3803Last and the most important ingredient is to add in the crispy pork fat.
IMG_3800Serve the Hokkien Mee with some sambal belacan.

Jess, thank you so much for sharing.

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  1. ryeo-burnaby

    Looks Good!!! Where do you get the cooking caramel? I never see it at T&T….


  2. mammaviv

    Hi Suanne and Ben,
    HEllo from Oslo, Norway.
    Thanks for sharing such a scrumptious looking dish. I can’t wait to try it soon, but I’m just wondering what proportion of soysauce, oyster sauce and dark soya sauce was used in the recipe? Is it mostly oyster sauce or soysauce?

    Also, do you have a good sambal belacan recipe to share?


  3. jessc


    I would go with :
    2-3 tbsp of dark soy sauce (for the caramelization, this is done because we dont have the “big” fire to cook this dish)
    1-2 tbsp of oyster sauce
    1-2 tbsp soy sauce
    1-2 tbsp dark soy sauce for later
    3-4 bowls of water
    2-3 tbsp of sugar
    salt to taste
    the recipe is for 2 packs of noodles

    Sambal belacan for hokkien mee
    belacan (comes in a size of a butter block)
    fresh chili
    dried chili
    how to:
    slice belacan into thin slices, pop the slices intp toaster and toast, say 5 -10 min, depends on how thin your slices are, you dont want to burn them. I would suggest plugging the toaster outside and wait for a windy day and do this oustside 🙂
    1 thin slice of toasted belacan
    6-8 fresh chili
    4 dried chili (soaked in hot water)
    pound chili and belacan. squeeze a bit of lime before you serve chili. enjoy!

  4. suanne

    Hi Ryeo, I’ve seen that in Great One Supermarket in Richmond. You can try Great Two Supermarket on Kingsway.

  5. mammaviv

    Hi Jess,
    Thanks for the reply. I can’t wait to try this.
    Greetings from Norway, Mammaviv and her boys 🙂

  6. HN

    Thanks for sharing this! I am looking for for this recipe for quite a while 🙂 Have a pleasant day!

  7. Elin

    The pork fat oil is the best! I am salivating juz looking at the pixs ;p

  8. Anthony

    The brand of cooking caramel or thick soy sauce as shown in the pic ‘Cheong Chan’ is available at the Heng Long Market on 104 Ave in Surrey. There are other brands like ABC but they are too sweet.

  9. chinchyesek

    When a youngster in KL, there’s a hawker stall in Bukit Bintang that made very good Hokkien mee
    with fats galore, probably don’t wanna to eat too much of it now ‘cos don’t wanna be a candidate for CHD!!

  10. chinchyesek

    Sambal Belacan recipe, Jessica, sure you wouldn’t want to pound with shallots and garlic additionally? Had seen it being made using fresh red chillis AND fresh red Thai bird’s eye chillis in the proportion of how hot is required, also seen belacan wrapped in aluminium foil and toasted dry in a frying pan or over a naked gas flame. I prefer to eat this with nasi lemak with some fresh pineapple and cucumber, the flavours seem to complement one another.

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