Pork Floss Pancake

Julie second’s pancake recipe is Pork Floss Pancake which is a savory pancake. I think my boys would love this. Check out my other pork floss recipe here. Pork floss is great with porridge and for making sandwiches. My good friend, Polly makes nutella and pork floss sandwiches for her kids’ breakfast or even pack them for school lunches.


The Pork Floss Pancake is more fragrant as it uses more eggs and has chopped green onions in it.


The crispy pork floss complemented the soft pancake well.


  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs
  • finely chopped green onions
  • salt and pepper to taste


Click on the link below for the instructions.


P1000584001Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and add enough water to form a smooth and slurry batter.
P1000588001Place a ladle of the batter into an oiled frying pan on medium low heat and swirl to coat the whole pan.

When the batter has set, flip the pancake to cook on the other side.

P1000593001Place some pork floss on one end of the pancake.
P1000591001Roll the pancake up into a roll. All this is done while the pancake is still warm on the pan.

Ming who helped Julie to make this must have a pair of steel hand as she was able to handle the hot pancake with her bare hand. For me, I will make the pancake first and remove it from the pan before I add the pork floss and do the rolling.

Julie, thank you for sharing such wonderful pancake recipes.

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  1. Sandy

    This looks like a very easy recipe, and the results look yummy! However, in the picture of the ingredients, what is the root item (between the green onions and the eggs)? And you also have cornstarch in the picture, but it’s not mentioned in the list of ingredients.

  2. Suanne

    Hi Sandy, the root item is sweet potato. The sweet potato and cornstarch are actually used in another pancake recipe which was posted a day earlier. Both the pancakes were made by Julie on the same day in the South Arm Community Kitchen. That’s why I had the photos of the ingredients in one photo.

  3. KiKi

    Hi, I’m going to try this recipe tomorrow, but I’m not sure on what flour should I used. All-purpose or Cornstarch flour?

  4. suanne

    Hi KiKi, the flour should be all-purpose flour.

  5. KiKi

    Thank you!! Can’t wait to try this out! ;]

  6. Karen


    I just tried this recipe tonight and it was great! Thank you!

  7. We Are Never Full

    fabulous! i must try this – even if the pork is called “pork floss”!

  8. ainwa

    What exactly is pork floss? I’ve never heard of it. Where do you buy it — at a meat market? In the freezer section? It looks dry and fluffy. Maybe it is a dried food?

    1. shootfirsteatlater

      you buy it in the dry section of an Asian store. Maybe in the snack section. i’m not sure. But definitely in an Asian supermarket.

      it’s dried meat. something like Chinese jerky. you have to try it. it’s really good.

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